Stone Soup 0.3.4 (20080129)

  • "Tele" status is shown when the player is about to teleport.
  • Weapons of reaching cost no magic or hunger to use, do not train Evocations, and do not hit intervening creatures when the reach fails.
  • Autopickup will attempt to pick up every item in the stack even if previous items cannot be picked up.
  • Fired missile auto-id also identifies previously fired missiles on the floor.
  • Escape hatches can be safely used even when confused or overburdened.
  • Removed score bonus for escaping the dungeon without the Orb.
  • Poison ammunition no longer works on sling bullets and throwing nets.
  • Plants on stairs get branded.
  • Drac and Ogre-Mage wanderers get shields instead of bucklers (which they can't wear).
  • Weapon swap (') will also swap to miscellaneous items.
  • (f)ire will ignore wielded items, fire_items_start defaults to 'a' again.
  • Passwall now issues a warning when attempting to phase through rock + stone.
  • Weakened chain paralysis effects from the monster Paralyse spell and giant eyeballs.
  • Fixed poison-vulnerable monsters resisting curare.
  • Fixed wands of draining not auto-identifying.
  • Fixed necromutation not granting torment immunity.
  • Fixed macros not being saved correctly if the key sequences include ASCII NUL.
  • Fixed buggy labyrinth maps.
  • Fixed bad entry levels.
  • Fixed crossbow bolts not being randomly generated.
  • Fixed messages for species unable to wear helmets and boots because of body shape.
  • Fixed detect items not working if the level is magic-mapped.
  • Fixed display glitches when using IBM graphics on Unix.
  • Fixed monsters wielding angering randarts repeatedly going berserk.
  • Fixed strawberry fields always appearing on Lair:3.
  • Fixed some acquirement bugs.
  • Report error messages after cleaning up curses when savefile is invalid.
  • Fixed starting gear choices and kit for fighters.
  • Fixed dolinks.sh script for builds on Unix.
  • Fixed monster self-teleport taking 10x as long as intended.
  • Fixed ice statue description.
  • Fixed Crawl being unable to create directories on DOS.

Stone Soup 0.3.3 (20071202)

  • Fixed crash when draconian callers try to summon drakes.
  • Fixed crash when shadow creatures is cast in a labyrinth.
  • Fixed crash when monster blinks onto trap and is killed by the trap.
  • Fixed vampires boosting the player's maxhp.
  • Fixed bad monster selection when shadow creatures is cast post-orb-pickup.
  • Fixed buggy Xom mutations.
  • Fixed nets not trapping monsters correctly.
  • Fixed monsters being able to get past plants on level load.
  • Fixed out-of-sight monsters raising dead in the player's line-of-sight.
  • Fixed brand colours flooding screen in DOS.
  • Returning weapons auto-id on use by monsters.
  • Autobutcher respects !w inscriptions.
  • Horns mutation changes helmet slot description to "restricted".
  • Reintroduced Beogh penance for destroying orcish idols.
  • Tutorial fixes.
  • Errors in .crawlrc are reported at startup.

Stone Soup 0.3.2 (20071110)

  • Fixed tiles crash when visiting shops in the stash-tracker's ^F listings.
  • Reduced frequency of the Damnation card in common decks.
  • Removed Batform from the Metamorphosis card.
  • Fixed two broken entry vaults.
  • Nets are easier to escape from / destroy, and more effective when used by the player.
  • Beogh converts are better behaved, with less message spam.
  • Fixed spell power display for clarity.

Stone Soup 0.3.1 (20071103)

  • Fixed crash when targeting with show_beam = yes.
  • Fixed Orb of Zot being generated in random vault.
  • Fixed buggy handling of some mutations.
  • Fixed penance message sequence.
  • Fixed turn-loss when canceling prayer request.
  • Fixed -morgue option not creating the morgue directory.

Stone Soup 0.3.0 (20071031)

These are merely the highlights, not an exhaustive list of changes.


  • Removed Hill Dwarf and Elf species.
  • Demigods lose fast metabolism, get better stat gain.
  • Kenku can kick with their taloned feet, and can fly faster than normal when lightly burdened.
  • Kenku and merfolk get an evasion bonus when in their element.
  • Demonspawn get a bonus with demonic weapons.


  • New god: Beogh, god of Orcs.
  • Changed gods: Nemelex, Xom, Lugonu, Trog, Elyvilon, Okawaru.
  • No need to pray to dedicate kills.
  • Nemelexites no longer need a portable altar in order to sacrifice objects.
  • Nemelexites are granted various deck manipulation abilites as they gain piety.
  • [1761974] Trog gets a Burn Books ability.
  • [1754125] Trog's Hand and Brothers in Arms replace Might and Haste.
  • Elyvilon: Destroy Weapon ability replaces weapon sacrifices.
  • Okawaru loses Minor Healing.
  • Gods won't accept sacrifices of rotten corpses.
  • Good gods no longer punish for unintended draining.
  • Different messages now indicate piety gain for offered items.


  • New missiles: javelins, sling bullets and throwing nets.
  • Throwing weapons may be generated with the "returning" brand.
  • [1756363] New potion: potion of resistance.
  • [1744612] Introduced weapons of returning.
  • [1789869] Items which the player sees a monster use become identified if they have an obvious effect.
  • Artefact jewellery doesn't autoid anymore, instead "obvious" changes and abilities give a message.
  • [1768865] Added inscription prompt when viewing items.
  • Viewing via inventory listing won't leave the inventory.
  • [1735752] Autoinscribe wands with zap count.
  • Added autoinscriptions for items used by monsters.
  • Warning inscriptions now actually work for all advertised commands ([1795568] !r now prevents scrolls from being read.)
  • [1793698] In the item selection menu, pressing "." will toggle the selection of the item after the previously selected item.
  • [1783003] More menu sorting methods, and fixed jewellery sorting bug.
  • Book shops are less likely to stock duplicate copies.
  • [1746014] Added command to cycle through ammunition when 'f'iring.


  • Abominations created by Twisted Resurrection now count as undead.
  • Increased spawning rate after picking up the Orb.
  • Berserked monsters attack nearby enemies and ignore ally commands.
  • Monsters confused by you that kill themselves or others now give xp.
  • [1779770] Monsters taking stairs are created according to stair destination.
  • Monster descriptions are shorter when looking at them with 'x' and targeting.
  • Unflasked efreets are permanent
  • Mummy priests and greater mummies now have high intelligence.


  • Added portal vaults, specifically bazaars.
  • Labyrinths look much different now.
  • Changed rock stairs to escape hatches.
  • New trap type: net trap.
  • Added several new vault maps.
  • Monster generation rate in the Vestibule drops with time spent in the Vestibule.
  • Fixed sealed rooms being generated in the Vaults.


  • [1772497] runrest_ignore_monster can be used to ignore distant mosters when running, resting or exploring.
  • Filter talk and sound channels from interrupting resting
  • Filter information from examining your surroundings from message history
  • Three new informational-only hunger states: near starving, very hungry and very full.
  • Added pickup.lua for smarter autopickup
  • Added trap_item_brand for traps hidden by items
  • Added visible beam path for targetting
  • Added warning when trying to fight wielding a non-weapon
  • Interlevel travel also allows travelling to entrances of branches
  • Polearms can be used to attack monsters submerged in shallow water using Ctrl+direction when adjacent.
  • Added support for Unicode glyphs in Unix.
  • Large viewport support for terminals larger than 80x24 if the view_max_width and view_max_height options are set.
  • Quit prompt needs "Yes" to confirm.


  • Crawl needs Lua - Lua 5.1 sources are included with the Crawl sources.
  • Monster, spell and feature descriptions and monster dialogue are now loaded from text files.
  • [1777426] Explosions can no longer pass through walls.
  • Invisibility is more useful.
  • User Lua scripts now have limits on CPU usage and memory use and are safer to use on public servers.
  • Fixed DOS glitches.
  • Game time reported by Crawl clamps time-per-move at 5 minutes.
  • More fixes for Crawl to play well with dgamelaunch.

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