* Stone Soup 0.20 (20170525) [#mc57880f]
- New item type: scarves, occupying the cloak slot.
-- Scarves give 0 AC and cannot be enchanted, but always have an ego.
-- Scarf egos: Cloud Immunity, Spirit Shield, Resistance, rMsl.
- Evocations:
-- New wand types: Clouds and Scattershot.
-- New misc item: the Lightning Rod, a 4-charge XP evocable.
-- Wands scale better with Evocations.
-- Wands can no longer be zapped while confused.
-- Wands of disintegration no longer destroy terrain.
-- Wands of digging can now destroy statues.
-- Wand and miscellaneous acquirement merged into 'evocations'.
- Unrandarts:
- New unrand: Maxwell's Thermic Engine, a freezing/flaming double sword that increases in power with each swing taken.
-- The Ratskin Cloak's stats have been tweaked, and it can now summon rats.
-- Amulet of Bloodlust: Slay+6 (was +3), MR++ (was MR+).
-- Shield of Ignorance: Now +10 {Int-4, rN+}. *Curse, AC+4 removed.
-- Sword of Jihad: renamed to Zealot's Sword.
-- Sceptre of Torment only torments on-hit, rather than randomly.
-- The Captain's Cutlass no longer chops off hydra heads.
-- The Ring of Shaolin is renamed to the Ring of Phasing, and the bow of Krishna "Sharnga" is renamed to the longbow "Zephyr".
- Potions of cure mutation, beneficial mutation, and mutation have been merged.
- All types of food take one turn to eat.
- All types of manuals are pre-identified.
- Weapons:
-- Giant Spiked Clubs have had their base delay lowered slightly.
- Removed:
-- Wands of heal wounds, haste, teleportation, and slowing.
-- Rods.
-- Discs of Storms.
-- The Hat of the High Council, the Scimitar of Flaming Death, and the Dagger of Chilly Death.
-- Beef jerky and pizza.

* Stone Soup 0.16 (20150101) [#k49a8cd5]
* Stone Soup 0.19 (20161031) [#w647dd8a]
- Fixed artefacts:
-- Firestarter and Frostbite now provide immunity to their cloud types.
-- The Octopus King trident's enchantment bonus for wearing Octopus King rings is now +2 (prev. +1).
-- The Staff of Olgreb now has a fixed +9 enchantment.
-- The Sword of Zonguldrok no longer creates hostile dead or curses itself.
-- The arbalest 'Damnation' doesn't provides resistances, and does more damage.
-- The morningstar Eos takes Brilliance's halo, and no longer has -Tele.
-- Fencer's Gloves no longer increase Sbl/Lbl skill or provide +EV/AC, but let the player riposte with any weapon (details below).
-- Wyrmbane now has rC+ instead of +Rage.
-- The greatsling Punk has a unique 'acid' brand, instead of freezing.
- Evocations:
-- Wands of random effects can no longer produce digging or disintegration.
- Boxes of beasts and sacks of spiders have a fixed chance of destruction per-use, instead of a hidden charge count. They now stack.
-- Fans of gales & lamps of fire no longer summon elemental allies.
-- Phials of floods impact damage significantly reduced.
- Players using long blades sometimes riposte when dodging attacks, launching instant, automatic counterattacks.
- Weapons of protection give a temporary +7 AC on hit, replacing a passive +5.
- Creatures that could be butchered for enchantable hides instead, with the same chance, leave behind the corresponding armour when killed.
- Amulets of harm now increase damage dealt more than damage taken, and are no longer evil.
- Elemental enhancers no longer penalise spells of the opposite element.
- Jewellery acquirement creates twice as many randarts.
- The *Confuse randart property is now *Slow.
- Books can no longer be destroyed to forget spells.
- Rods are created through misc. acquirement instead of staff acquirement.
- It's no longer possible to acquire ammunition.
- Renamed:
-- dragon armour -> dragon scales.
-- greatsling -> fustibalus.
- Removed:
-- All decks and their cards, except for those gifted by Nemelex Xobeh.
-- Dragon and troll hides.
-- Sword of the Doom Knight, Amulet of Cekugob, and "Brilliance".
-- Amulets of dismissal.
-- Rings of sustain abilities.
-- Stones of tremors.
-- The evasion weapon ego.
-- The Akashic Record.
-- Artefact blowguns.

* Stone Soup 0.18 (20160504) [#fc344509]
- New items:
-- The amulet of dismissal, which may teleport away enemies that damage the player, but causes a brief combat penalty when equipped.
-- The amulet of reflection, which grants a few points of shielding that act as a shield of reflection.
-- The amulet of harm, which increases damage dealt to and by the wearer by 25%.
-- The amulet of magic regeneration, which increases MP regeneration after a warmup period.
-- The ring of resist corrosion, replacing the amulet.
-- Wands of acid, which cause significant damage and corrosion.
-- Wands of iceblast, which cause a partially irresistible explosion of cold.
-- A figurine of a ziggurat, which can be evoked to create a ziggurat portal.
Appears on Zig:27 of all ziggurats and in the Tomb:3 loot.
-- Unrand: The +8 frozen axe "Frostbite" {freezing cloud, *Noise +Fly rC+}, an executioner's axe that may create freezing clouds on those it strikes.
-- Unrand: The +3 Warlock's Mirror {reflection}, a buckler that allows reflection of piercing effects and enchantments, among other things.
- The Etheric Cage now multiplies gained contam, instead of generating it.
- Sniper can no longer miss, and is now +9 (formerly +15).
- The robe of vines now grants slightly less regeneration.
- The Majin-Bo now speaks occasionally.
- The captain's cutlass now causes bonus damage when disarming.
- The amulet of Cekugob is now an amulet of dismissal.
- The brooch of Shielding is now a +8 amulet of reflection with no AC or EV bonus.
- Wearing an amulet of regeneration has no effect until the next time you are at full health.
- A new property can now generate on random artefacts: Fragile, which destroys the item when it is removed.
- Amulets of faith now grant a 25% bonus to piety, not a 33% bonus.
- Scrolls of enchant armour & enchant weapon no longer remove curses.
- Potions of ambrosia now bypass clarity.
- The evocable teleport property +Tele is removed. Rings of teleportation now only have the *Tele teleportitis effect.
- Potions of cure mutation are slightly more common.
- Potions of degeneration now cause 1-3 damage to every stat.
- The Damnation card has been renamed to Exile.
- Poison needles' effects scale with Throwing skill and weapon enchantment.
- Arrows, bolts and sling bullets no longer have brands.
- Removed items:
-- Amulets of resist mutation, stasis, warding, and corrosion.
-- Wands of cold, fire, frost, magic darts, invisibility, draining, and fireball.
-- Rods of destruction and of the swarm.
-- Ring of invisibility.
-- Potions of poison.
-- Needles of slowing.
-- Lanterns of shadows.

* Stone Soup 0.17 (20151106) [#d216d760]
- New items:
-- Maxwell's Etheric Cage, a helmet giving rElec, +4 MP and a large boost to MP regen, at the cost of causing intermittent light contamination.
-- the Robe of Vines, a +5 robe with massive regeneration but which renders the wearer unable to heal by external means.
-- Kryia's mail coat, +7 scale mail which amplifies the effect of healing items (and grants rC+ to boot).
- Poisonous chunks and rot chunks have been merged into 'inedible' chunks, which are only edible by ghouls. Some monsters have had their meat cleaned.
- Unrandart changes:
-- The Cloak of Starlight is now +2 and gives Stlth--.
-- The fencer's gloves now give a bonus to Short and Long Blades skills.
-- The Sceptre of Torment is now a staff.
- The box of beasts now produces a new type of variable creature, 'mutant beasts', instead of chimeras.
- The Orb of Zot now turns all controlled blinks into uncontrolled blinks while carried.
- Warding now applies to ranged attacks.
- Troll leather armour now provides regeneration to trolls.
- Staves of summoning no longer have a chance of abjuring on hit.
- Staves of power now give a flat +15 mp, rather than scaling with your MP; they no longer store MP when swapping.
- For the player and for monsters, curare needles no longer have an effect that prevents the use of abilities relying on breath.
- Scrolls of Holy Word now apply the Daze status effect instead of stunning enemies.
- "Sustain abilities" has been renamed to "sustain attributes".
- The Storm card no longer summons twisters.
- The Placid Magic card is no more.
- The Sack of Spiders makes more appropriate types of spiders at lower and higher levels of Evocations and fewer orb spiders overall.
- The Rod of Clouds makes acid clouds more often and storm clouds less often.
- Removed items:
-- The Cloak of Flash.
-- Potions of decay.
-- Potions of restore abilities.
-- Rings of teleport control.
-- The Book of Control.
-- Hammers.

* Stone Soup 0.16 (20150311) [#k49a8cd5]
- Chunks are now only separated by edibility (normal, poisonous, mutagenic...), rather than source monster type.
- Rotting chunks are gone; corpses rot directly into skeletons.
- Cleaving attacks (from axes and Hydra Form) try to hit all adjacent enemies, rather than being blocked by walls.
- Enemy-held weapons now have their brands ID'd on sight.
- Wand changes:
-- Zapping wands that don't have their charge count identified wastes several charges.
-- Wand type is auto-identified on pickup.
-- Many weak wands have had their max charge count increased.
- New items:
-- Gyre & Gimble, a pair of quickblades linked by a chain; they take two hands to use, but each attack made with them strikes twice.
-- Shadow Dragon Armour: as heavy as Storm Dragon Armour, but has Stlth++++ in place of rElec.
-- Quicksilver Dragon Armour: slightly heavier than Mottled Dragon Armour, with much better AC & MR+, but unenchantable. (Always +0.)
-- Phantom mirrors: one-use evocables that create a temporary friendly clone of targeted monsters.
-- The Iron Rod, which fires a spray of shrapnel in a wide arc. Extremely effective against agile, low-AC enemies, but ineffective against armoured enemies or at a distance.
-- The Akashic Record, a new high-level Translocations book.
-- Potions of ambrosia, which give substantial health & magic regeneration for a short period, but also confuse the user; if the confusion ends, so does regeneration.
- Regeneration has been moved from rings to amulets.
- Corrosion resistance can now occur on artefact armour.
- Artefact generation has been generally reworked.
- Scale mail now only has 10 ER, down from 11.
- Unrand changes:
-- The Ring of Vitality is now the Amulet of Vitality.
-- The captain's cutlass is now +5 (was +10) and can disarm enemies.
-- The Hat of the Alchemist is now -2 (rElec rPois rF rC rN MR rMut rCorr).
-- Maxwell's Patent Armour now gives rCorr rElec instead of rF+ rC+.
-- The arbalest Hellfire has had its explosion damage roughly doubled.
-- The dark maul has had both its base damage & enchantment increased.
- All food other than rations, chunks, and royal jellies now takes one turn to eat.
- Potions of blood no longer give nutrition for non-vampires.
- All short blades now do piercing damage.
- Weapons other than short blades & felid claws are all now equally good at stabbing.
- Elemental evocables now stack.
- Light armour now has a small spellcast success penalty.
- Elemental evocables now charge & discharge on a type-by-type basis, rather than individually for each item.
- The Box of Beasts and Rod of Shadows are now considerably stronger.
- The lantern of shadows now drains MP while in use, and ceases to function once its wielder runs dry.
- Steel ammo no longer has a decreased mulch rate.
- Large rocks no longer have randomized range.
- Renamed items:
-- Cutlasses are now rapiers.
-- Bastard swords are now double swords.
-- Claymores are now triple swords.
-- Cloaks of darkness are now cloaks of invisibility.
- Removed items:
-- Boots of jumping.
-- Potions of confusion, porridge and coagulated blood.
-- Blessed Blades.
-- Rods of Striking.
-- Tomes of Destruction.
-- The book of Wizardry.
-- The Spear of the Botono.
-- The blowgun of the Assassin.

* Stone Soup 0.15 (20140811) [#w0bd0165]

- Item destruction is no more.
- Ranged combat has been rewritten based on melee attacks - AC and EV
has more of an impact, attack delay is more predictable, and Throwing
should be more viable as a ranged option as compared to bows and crossbows,
among other changes.
-- Slings have been split into two weapon types; the basic type has been renamed to 'hunting sling', and a new, rare 'greatsling' has been added.
-- Crossbows have been split into three types. The hand crossbow returns as a starting weapon; the basic crossbow has been renamed to an 'arbalest';
-- and a new, rare 'triple crossbow' type has been added.
-- (Plain) bows have been renamed to shortbows.
- Weapon enchantment & slaying bonsues have been merged into a single number,
giving both +accuracy & +damage. Scrolls of enchant weapon I, II, and III
have all been merged into a new "enchant weapon" scroll. The scrolls are
rarer, but always succeed.
- Shields have been rebalanced. All non-shield-enchantment sources of SH have
been halved, and the effectiveness of SH at blocking attacks has been
doubled, to make the utility of a point of SH roughly equivalent to a point
of EV. In effect, this is a small buff. Non-bucklers can now be enchanted
past +3.
- Multiple changes to unrandarts:
-- The blowgun of the Assassin returns; it has a chance to affect the target
more than normal blowguns.
-- New unrand: the +8 orange crystal plate armour {Archmagi, Int+3 Clar
-- New unrand: the +6 Majin-Bo {vamp, Archmagi, MP+6 Int+6}. A quarterstaff
that takes HP every time you cast a spell.
-- The dagger of Chilly Death now sometimes flash-freezes enemies, slowing
their movement, and the scimitar of Flaming Death now sometimes applies
sticky flame to its victims.
-- Leech is now +8, with -2 to all stats (instead of -1), and -2 to both AC
and EV.
-- Skullcrusher is now +3 with +7 strength.
-- The Trident of the Octopus King now starts at +8 and gets an additional +
for each Ring of the Octopus King worn. If anyone reads this & gets it to +10 or higher in an actual game, send screenshots!
-- Punk is now a +7 greatsling {Freeze, rC+}.
-- Sniper is now a "heavy crossbow", a triple crossbow with 27 base delay.
-- The Mace of Brilliance is now the +1 Eveningstar "Brilliance".
-- Many other weapon artefacts have had their enchantments tweaked.
-- Maxwell's Patent Armour now gives rF+ rC+ instead of Conservation.
-- The Shield of Resistance, Shield of the Gong, and Large Shield of Ignorance
have had their enchantment levels adjusted.
-- Removed unrands: the boots of the Spider.
- Branding changes:
-- Scrolls of brand weapon will no longer make temporary brands permanent,
but can now randomly apply any brand to an unbranded weapon.
-- Blessed weapons can be rebranded.
-- Rebranding a distortion weapon no longer causes a distortion effect.
-- Branded non-artefact weapons can now be given a temporary re-brand.
-- Damage from the electrocution brand has been reduced slightly.
-- Draining now triggers somewhat less often, but will cause monsters to be
temporarily drained whenever it does fire.
-- The dragonslaying brand is no longer generated. (Wyrmbane still has it.)
- Food changes:
- Honeycombs have been renamed to royal jellies; they don't restore
-- Potions of blood cure a point of ghoul rotting.
-- All types of fruit have been merged together into one gooey, messy item
-- Brown (contaminated) chunks are gone, replaced with normal ones.
-- Cheese, sausages, and ambrosia are no more.
- New item: potion of cancellation, which removes enchantments & contamination
on the player.
- Scrolls of vulnerability have been simplified; they now just halve MR for all
creatures in LOS.
- Cancellation-type effects (from the potion, quicksilver dragons, etc) now
reduce transformation durations to one turn, rather than cancelling them
- Identify scrolls now always identify a single item.
- Jewellery automatically identifies once equipped.
- Amulets of inaccuracy are always cursed.
- New rings of stealth and loudness, which positively/negatively adjust
a player's stealth.
- Amulets of rage no longer have a tiny chance of extending berserk duration.
- Sacks of spiders now place webs directly onto enemies, rather than spreading
them randomly around the area.
- Cleaving hits the full eight squares around a player, when not blocked by
- Putting on or taking off armour now always takes five turns.
- Gloves of archery no longer penalise melee.
- Sustain abilities effects no longer stack.
- Amulets of resist corrosion now give only 50% corrosion resistance, from 90%.
- Potions of resistance now grant corrosion resistance.
- Staves of air now activate extra melee damage as often as other elemental staves.
- Flying creatures no longer have a 2/3rds chance of dodging thrown nets.
- Weapons and armour which aren't visibly enchanted no longer have enchantments
higher than +0.
- Corpses and skeletons are stationary, and can't be picked up nor apported.
- Other removed items: darts, rings of hunger and sustenance, amulet of
conservation, cloak of preservation, potions of strong poison and paralysis.

*Stone Soup 0.14 (20140409) [#g446c07c]

-The Orb of Zot no longer takes up an inventory slot.
-Weapons are identified immediately on wield.
-Wands are identified immediately on zapping.
-Elemental evokers now recharge one at a time, with the one closest to
full recharging charging first.
-Items on the ground are no longer subject to item destruction.
-Mottled dragon armour now has an encumbrance rating of 5 (was 4).
-The jumping ego (available only on boots) gives a jump attack ability
like that of felids.
-The reaching brand for whips is no more.
-Enchantment-like effects of chaos projectiles are now irresistible.
-Spears, daggers, clubs, and hand axes are no longer good for throwing.
-New "tomahawk" item: a throwing missile, usable by all non-felids, between
darts and javelins in damage.
- Small race hunters and arcane marksmen may select tomahawks.
-New "potion of lignification" - induces tree form.
-Small species can use throwing nets.
-Throwing nets do not degrade: instead, they have a chance to be destroyed
like other projectiles.
-Multiple changes to unrandarts:
-- Piercer gets the penetration brand (was vorpal).
-- Boots of the Assassin return in a new form: they now detect monsters and
allow short-blade-quality stabbing with any weapon (or unarmed).
-- Hellfire now shoots hellfire bolts, dealing hellfire-branded damage and
-- The Elemental Staff is reworked considerably - it grants rElec, rF++,
rC++, MR++, AC+5, and randomly deals elemental-branded attacks based
on the user's Evocations skill.
-- The skin of Zhor now grants rC+++.
-- Leech drains HP on all hits (instead of 3/5 for other vampiric weapons).
-- Sniper is now a +15 vorpal crossbow with a slower rate of fire.
-- Snakebite is now a +5 venom whip that applies a curare effect on two out
of five hits.
-- The Singing Sword is now a bastard sword.
-- The shield of the gong is now +27 with -5 EV.
-- The ring of Shadows now has an umbra instead of +4 EV and -4 Acc.
-- New unrand: "macabre finger necklace" - gives warding and an extra ring
-- New unrand: "boots of the Spider" - gives clinging and jump attack.
-- New unrand: "dark maul" - a very large, very slow two-handed weapon using
the Maces and Flails skill.
-- New unrand: "hat of the High Council" - spellpower at the expense of
spell success rates.
-- New unrand: "arc blade" - a cutlass which inflicts discharges of static
electricity on targets it hits.
-- New unrand: "Spellbinder" - an antimagic demon whip which inflicts
miscasts on magic-using targets.
-- New unrand: "lajatang of Order" - does silver damage (like the ammunition
brand) and grants resistance to mutation.
-- New unrand: "Firestarter" - a +7 great mace {flame, rF++} which protects
scrolls from fire damage and inner flames targets it hits.
-- The blowgun of the Assassin, Bullseye, and Lehudib's Crystal Spear (the
unrandart) are gone.
-Potions with known type that would have no effect can no longer be quaffed
at all.
-Potions other than potions of porridge and blood no longer give nutrition.
-All gauntlets and bracers are now gloves.
-All caps and wizard hats are now plain "hats".
-Great maces deal slightly less damage and are much less available than
-All scrolls now identify on read.
-The last healing potion is automatically identified assuming knowledge that
it is a healing potion.
-Magical penetrating projectiles now pierce shields.
-Ponderous items reduce movement delay by -1 (was -2), to match running
-Electrocution weapons no longer cause discharges on targets in water.
-Wearing body armour / rings no longer requires removing cloaks / gloves
-Scrolls are destroyed less frequently by sticky flame.
-Gold dragon armour, crystal plate armour, and plate armour have had their
encumbrance ratings reduced (27 -> 25, 24 -> 23, and 19 -> 18 respectively).
-The speed brand now grants 2/3 weapon delay and no damage reduction (was
1/2 delay and 10% damage reduction for melee weapons).
-Racial equipment is no more.
-Many changes to rods:
-- The rod of destruction now fires random bolts instead of having a pre-set
-- New rod: rod of ignition, which fires a bolt that explodes a fireball on
every target hit in a line.
-- New rod: rod of shadows, which summons Shadow Creatures from a depth in
the dungeon roughly equivalent to the user's skill with Evocations,
drawing out-of-depth spawns after 15.
-- New rod: rod of clouds, which creates various clouds based on power,
with high skill giving several new types of clouds.
-- The rods of warding, venom, demonology, fiery destruction, and frigid
destruction are gone.
-The Horn of Geryon has been reworked into an XP-charged evokable, summoning
1-4 hell beasts whose friendliness depends on evocations power.
-Renamed items:
-- Sabres are now cutlasses (and the captain's cutlass has been adjusted to
-- Double swords are now bastard swords;
-- Triple swords are now claymores;
-- Potions of speed are now potions of haste.
-Scrolls of vulnerability are now more common.
-Curse scrolls and potions of blood no longer randomly generate.
-All curse scrolls now accept targets (as though the player was worshipping
Ashenzari in previous versions).
-Magic resistance-granting items now grant fixed increments of magic
resistance (indicated on the % screen).
-Removed potions of slowing.

*Stone Soup 0.13 (20131011) [#e1405877]

- The elemental evocation items have been reworked:
-- All no longer depend on elemental magic skill or nearby terrain, can summon multiple elementals, and have an XP-based recharge timer.
-- The lamp of fire fires up to three trails of flame in a given direction.
-- The fan of air elementals is now the fan of gales, and blows back nearby enemies.
-- The stone of earth elementals is now the stone of tremors; it causes rubble to fall from nearby rock, stone, or permarock walls to damage creatures adjacent to them, and has a chance to shaft creatures;
-- A new elemental evoker item - the phial of floods; it generates a wave of water which temporarily leaves a pool of water behind, and summons water elementals.
- The dependence of armour penalties on strength has been adjusted; there are no longer magic strength numbers for lowest possible penalties.
- Potions of gain <ability> have been replaced by potions of beneficial mutation, which grant the player a single beneficial mutation.
- Scrolls of vorpalise weapons are now scrolls of brand weapon, and can rebrand weapons that already have a permanent brand affixed.
- Scrolls of immolation have been reworked to inner flame everything in LOS.
- Lear's chain mail is now Lear's hauberk - a +27 chain mail that covers all armour slots other than shields and cloaks.
- The staves of energy eliminates 100% of spell hunger again, and includes the now-gone staff of channeling as well.
- The staff of power scales with your maximum magic power.
- Box of beasts has been reworked:
-- Has a fixed, random number of charges between 5 and 15 inclusive.
-- 1/3 chance to fail on usage with no bad effects.
-- When successful, generates a chimera; a new monster with three heads. Each head can be a different beast, picked from a list which provides better/stronger beasts at higher Evocations skill. The heads determine the attacks and abilities available to the monster.
- New "sack of spiders" item:
-- Fixed charges between 5 and 15 inclusive.
-- On evoking, creates webs around you and releases spiders.
-- Number of webs and type/number of spiders scales with evocations.
- Splint mail has been removed; chain mail is now 8 AC to compensate.
- Needles of sickness have been removed.
- Manuals do not need to be read to be activated; they're always on while in inventory.
- The rod of striking now functions as a melee weapon - it expends charges to deal additional damage in melee.
- Boots of running have a -1 movement delay (was -2).
- The lantern of shadows' rate of shadow spawning scales with evocations, and the resulting shadows now wander instead of following the player.
- New unrand: the +4 moon troll leather armour {Spirit MP+5 Regen}.
- Adjustments to unrands:
-- Arga is now a broad axe.
-- Bullseye is now a large shield.
-- The shield of the gong no longer has guardian spirit; it is otherwise unchanged.
-- The knife of accuracy and boots of the Assassin are no more.
-- The lightning scales are now +6 (was +3).
- Hammers do not generate outside of vaults.

*Stone Soup 0.12 (20130501) [#l3d4a903]
- Axes have a cleaving attack: they hit up to seven targets with a single swing (all directions except directly opposite the direction of attack, but not if a wall is in the way). These secondary attacks do only 75% damage and do not hit allies. Base damage for the larger axes is reduced to compensate.
- One-handed maces and flails have been improved: flails and eveningstars get a one point damage increase, and morningstars get a +3/-1 damage/accuracy boost to replace spiked flails.
- The wand of polymorph other is now the wand of polymorph; use of it against the player will turn them into a random form (including several new forms - tree form, wisp form, porcupine form and fungus form).
- Scroll of unholy creation is replaced with scroll of summoning, which summons a few level-appropriate monsters.
- Removed items: spiked flail, potion of water, staff of enchantment, plain (non-magic, non-quarter-) staves
- Potion of decay rots HP immediately rather than giving the "Rot" status.
- Potions and rings of levitation are now "of flight"; boots of levitation are now "of flying"; and the +Lev artefact property is now +Fly.
- Amulet of controlled flight is removed; Amulet of the Air now grants passive Repel Missiles and inaccuracy instead.
- Amulet of inaccuracy correctly affects ranged weapons.
- Amulet of clarity prevents mesmerisation.
- Some rods were changed to have a more focused spell set.
- The "Contam" artefact property no longer causes contamination over time, but only when the item is unequipped.
- The "-Rage" artefact property triggers much less often (except for Wrath of Trog).
- Improved fixedarts: Spear of the Botono, Robe of Night, Cloak of the Thief, Robe of Folly, plutonium sword.
- The hand-and-a-half weapon category is gone; such weapons are now one-handed for normal-size races.

*Stone Soup 0.11 (20121001) [#df84bb38]

- Artefacts can get distortion.
- Blowguns can get evasion.
- Wearing/removing armour can be aborted.
- Fixed artefacts with fixed appearance start identified.
- Weapons may corrode upon stabbing a jelly.
- Ambrosia gives more mp, but only as you digest it.
- Raw troll hides grant regeneration.
- Jewelry auto-ids when it shows an obvious effect.
- Ankuses, scrolls of detect curse, amulets of controlled flight, and rods of smiting are no more.
- Rods of striking are better.
- Staves of energy reduce spell hunger to 1/3 instead of eliminating it.
- Missile enchantments are no more, greatly simplifying inventory management.
-- Formulas have been changed to compensate, with skill filling the role of missile enchantments.
- All missile brands start visible.
- Visored helmets don't prevent bite attacks.
- Identifying weapons by use works instantly but requires a random (per item) level of skill.
- Unbranded items can't be glowing/runed unless they're cursed.
- New item: Lightning rod. Has a continuous effect across multiple zaps, and allows you to spray wide cones of electricity at your enemies.
- Randart weapons have a wider selection of names.
- Acquirement will not provide you with items your god hates.

*Stone Soup 0.10 (20120216) [#i7e679e5]
- Slaying works like weapon enchantments.
- Acquirement allows choosing missiles.
- Nagas and Centaurs get far better chances to acquire bardings.
- Staff acquirement is more random.
- Miscellaneous item acquirement gives better decks.
- Weapon acquirement avoids useless weapon types.
- Misc items start identified when there are no doubts about them.
- The Orb of Zot has a slightly mutagenic glow and reduces stealth.
- The Crusade card can no longer give you permanent allies.
- All polearms have the reaching brand built in.
- Quarterstaves are split into two weapons: weak "staff" and good "quarterstaff". Gladiators and Priests get to start with the latter.
- Common two-handed weapons are easier to use effectively.
- Several new fixed artefacts: lightning scales, Black Knight's horse barding, ring of Vitality, autumn katana, shillelagh "Devastator", dragonskin cloak, rings of the Octopus King.
- The Sceptre of Asmodeus can be evoked for temporary charmed unabjurable demons (instead of random conjurations or hostile demons).
- Scrolls of enchant and vorpalise weapon are always identified upon use.
- Amulet of guardian spirit draws from HP and MP simultaneously.
- Remove crystal balls of seeing.
- Crystal ball of energy restores less MP but has less severe failure effects.
- Scroll of magic mapping detects secret doors.
- Tomb card is rarer.
- Portal card does not give instant teleports.
- Early weapons tend to be better.
- Rename potion of healing to potion of curing.
- Rename wand of healing to wand of heal wounds.
- Known properties of unique enemies' gear are pre-identified.
- Medium armour is better.
- Banded mail is no more, plate mail has been renamed to plate armour.

*Stone Soup 0.9 (20110812) [#d2ef83de]

- Price reform: scrolls, potions, rings. Bad items cost more than 1 gold now.
- Cards: the Orb (new card), destruction cards buffed.
- Experience card gives less experience at low power.
- Scroll of identify shows top card when used on deck of cards.
- Picked up runes are no longer part of the inventory. They are listed in \.
- Randarts with the -Rage property trigger berserk less often.
- Modified spellbooks: Conjurations, Unlife, many elemental books.
- Bucklers provide less SH.
- Large rocks can (rarely) be generated on the dungeon floor.
- Ammo of dispersal only disperses if it does damage.
- Silver-branded ammo only does bonus damage to chaotic creatures.
- Reduce silver and steel damage bonus.
- Reflected missiles get their full range on the way back.
- Randart heavy armours tend to come with better enchantment.
- Wands and rods rely more strongly on Evocations skill.
- Long blades: nerf double swords, buff demon blades, remove katanas.
- Reduce demon whip and demon trident damage.
- Remove knives. Change Spriggan's Knife from knife to dagger.
- Make the Sword of Zonguldrok a double sword with the reaping brand.
- Give Undeadhunter a disruption effect against undead instead of holy wrath.
- Make Wyrmbane's enchantment increase whenever it kills a dragon.
- Give Scythe of Curses draining brand, inflict necro miscasts on its targets.
- Mace of Brilliance comes with a halo.
- Singing Sword does sonic damage at high tension.
- Bad unrandarts (Misfortune, Folly, Lear's) get a random appearance.
- Make potions of berserk rage more common.

*Stone Soup 0.8 (20110426) [#v15214a7]

- New items: scroll of curse jewellery, scroll of amnesia.
- Remove scrolls of paper, rods of discovery, crystal balls of fixation.
- Nerf the speed brand. Damage reduced to 90%.
- Increase the guaranteed damage reduction from armour.
- Body armour can be enchanted up to a bonus equivalent to its base AC.
- Enchant armour scrolls don't fail because of high bonus anymore.
- Antimagic weapon brand.
- Disable equipment corrosion from slime walls.
- Remove the robe of the Archmagi's experience penalty.
- Remove wizardry effect from Archmagi, allow it to enhance Tmut/Tloc spells.
- Autopickup weapons subjected to Tukima's Dance.
- Disallow blowing Geryon's horn when silenced.
- Fix breakage of blood potion stacks when partially eaten by jellies.
- Fix randarts with unknown base type sometimes not being eligible for ?identify.
- Fix rod pluses not being considered for ?identify.
- Fix misleading spell descriptions on rods; display average power.
- Disallow creation of randart demonic weapons with the holy wrath brand.
- Fix equipping sInv artefact not reactivating autopickup.
- Fix throwing nets becoming 'stuck' in certain situations.
- Fix permafood being coloured brown like contaminated chunks.
- Inscribe "was cursed" for items uncursed using ?enchant foo.
- Fix an information leak about magic resistance from unidentified items.
- Remove random staff ID over time: identify staff types on wield, just like weapons and rods do.
- Give staves and rods a chance to be generated cursed.
- Allow staves of poison to affect monsters with rPois; Olgreb is 1/4 irresistible.
- Give the staff of death rN+.
- Give the staff of summoning warding, sometimes abjure summons on hit.
- Asphyxiation resistance blocks curare damage, but not slowing.
- Poison resistance protects against curare entirely.
- Add new chunk type that is both poisonous and contaminated.
- Remove +AC/+EV from randarts. Fixedarts still keep them.
- Auto-id gourmand for non-Mu non-full-herbivores (level 3).
- Allow cancelling some scrolls without consuming them.
- Allow (M)emorising from books on the floor.
- Reintroduce item stat loss prompts.
- Prompt before wearing or wielding a known-cursed item.
- Remove misleading messages about weapon str/dex weighting.
- Don't corrode ammo by clumsily bashing jellies with it.
- Don't acquire manuals or sage to utterly useless skills.
- Improve rods of striking: 1d5 -> 1d8.
- Do proper foe checking for rod spells that are direct effects.
- ?EWII may uncurse blowguns.
- Remove nutrition on hit for vampiric weapons.
- Make Evocations skill help with ball of seeing radius.
- Disallow use of staff of channeling when starving.
- Give missiles of flame/frost some bonus damage.
- Add noise to missiles.
- Make wield mass check apply to all items.
- Tweak some cards' probabilities and effects.
- More detailed corrosion resistance reporting.
- Mention butchery requirement for food in corpse description.
- Tweak blood potion descriptions to mention nutrition for non-herbivores.
- Disable generation of missiles and bows of reaping.
- Remove scrolls of recharging's effect on weapons of electrocution.
- Stop the generation of racial missiles.
- Make ball of energy stat loss now drains between 1 and 2/3 max Int.
- Improve some unrandart weapons: add brands, more damage.
- Improve Maxwell's Patent Armour: AC+15, +preservation ego, +MR.
- Improve Staff of Wucad Mu: remove miscast effects except for when channeling.
- Make potions of experience give some xp for skills as well.
- Fix acquirement hardly ever generating "plain" crystal plates and dragon armour.
- Make acquirement's "redundant armour" check consider things seen rather than worn.
- Allow acquirement of non-regular shields, weighted by skills.
- When using an unidentified potion or scroll, display its name in the message.
- New Demon axe unrandart: obsidian axe, adds a siren-like pull to nearby monsters.
- All weapons have min 7 delay, or better.

*Stone Soup 0.7 (20100724) [#f81fdc12]

- Scrolls of holy word do more damage to susceptible monsters.
- Blowguns no longer show damage, as they do none; accordingly, scrolls of enchant weapon II no longer work on them.
- Flame- and frost-branded darts no longer always mulch, and the steel brand is properly applied for thrown weapons.
- Demon tridents can be blessed by TSO.

*Stone Soup 0.6 (20100326) [#r2773277]

- Removed amulet of resist slowing.
- Removed distinction between light and heavy armour.
- Added scroll of silence.
- Added potions of brilliance and agility.
- Added shields of reflection.
- New amulets: guardian spirit, faith, stasis.
- Amulet of clarity prevents involuntary berserk.
- Lowered gold dragon armour's AC value.
- All randart weapons are now guaranteed a brand.
- The speed brand is only created randomly for artefacts, short blades and staves.
- Halved damage bonus of the vorpal brand to 12.5%.
- Armour acquirement is more likely to fill secondary slots.
- Non-divine acquirement tries to avoid handing out armour/weapons already seen.
- Book acquirement doesn't give manuals to spellcasting specialists anymore.
- Added wands as an acquirement option.
- Potions of resistance last longer.
- Weapons of holy wrath cannot be cursed.
- Improvements to whips and demon whips; the latter can be blessed by TSO.
- Reduce the chances for artefacts with only one stat property.
- Weapons of electrocution discharge in water.
- Removed some evokable properties (mapping/teleportation) from artefacts.
- Removing +Lev items cancels levitation and is disallowed over water.
- Clubs and spears get moderate stabbing bonus.
- Clubs may stun target upon successful stabbing.
- Vampiric weapons can only be wielded at full and cause hunger when wielded.
- Mummies and ghouls get no healing effect from vampiric weapons.
- Shields can be enchanted up to +3.
- Rods identify on wielding and use the Maces & Flails skill.
- Rod recharging no longer depends on player MP or being in inventory.
- Enchanting rods increases their recharge rate.
- Let same-type chunks stack, if their age is similar.
- Deep water doesn't destroy items, lava only flammable ones.
- Weapons with temporary distortion brand don't damage or banish on unwielding.
- Disallow sacrifice of runes, the orb of Zot, and the unused horn of Geryon.
- Autoinscribe items found cursed with {was cursed}.

*Stone Soup 0.5.0 (20090612) [#u189976d]
- New scroll: ?vulnerability, applying to all creatures in LoS including you.
- New weapon brand: chaos, available only via Xom and pandemonium lords.
- Introduce randart spellbooks with random spell selections.
- Book acquirements are much more random and may yield manuals.
- Missile enchantment decreases chance of destruction on impact.
- Freezing weapons can slow cold-blooded monsters.
- The staff of channeling trains Evocations.
- Potions of magic no longer increase maximal magic points and are more common.
- Item descriptions mention enchantment/charging limits.
- Randarts get their known properties autoinscribed.
- Randarts are noted as identified even if the plusses are still unknown.
- Eliminate RAP_ANGRY and RAP_BERSERK for launcher weapons.
- Ammo that IDs through throwing merges in your pack instantaneously.
- ?immolation doesn't burn scrolls anymore.
- ?summoning creates a permanent abomination.
- ?random uselessness autoidentifies.
- ?vorpalise weapon fixes temporary brands instead of Enchant Weapon III.
- Nemelex-gifted decks identify after drawing one card.
- Decks of punishment are no longer randomly generated.
- Removing rings of levitation or invisibility no longer cancels the effect.
- Identify the Horn of Geryon when wielding it.
- Skeletons rot away in inventory at the same rate as on the floor.

*Stone Soup 0.4.0 (20080714) [#x93df8e0]

- Removed weapons of disruption, improved holy wrath.
- New weapon brand: dragon slaying, limited to Polearms.
- Fixed darts of flame/ice to actually work, add similarly branded javelins.
- Forbid (un)equipping of items with known potentially fatal stat drain.
- Make distortion only take effect on unwielding.
- Improved autotargeting for weapons of reaching.
- Disable random generation of weapons of orc slaying (allowed in randarts).
- Fixed cap acquirement misbehaviour.
- New scrolls: Holy Word, Fog.
- Removed scrolls of forgetfulness.
- Added potions of blood and coagulated blood.
- Scrolls of recharging and enchant armour now prompt for an item.
- Potions of restore ability also cancel breath delay.
- Staves and rods of the same type can now be recognized.
- Staves will autoID if your skill in the appropriate school is 4 or higher.
- Manuals are visibly different from spell books and don't prompt anymore.
- Improved artefact autoinscriptions.
- Several new pre-defined (un)randarts.
- Added message for returning weapons NOT returning.
- Equipped randarts can now actually cause berserk.
- Thrown potions of poison won't poison monsters anymore.
- Limit racial properties applying to only some fitting item types.
- Prompt when attempting to sacrifice important items.
- Fixed books in shops being noted as identified over and over again.

*Stone Soup 0.3.0 (20071031) [#r4e4f777]

- New missiles: javelins, sling bullets and throwing nets.
- Throwing weapons may be generated with the "returning" brand.
- [1756363] New potion: potion of resistance.
- [1744612] Introduced weapons of returning.
- [1789869] Items which the player sees a monster use become identified if they have an obvious effect.
- Artefact jewellery doesn't autoid anymore, instead "obvious" changes and abilities give a message.
- [1768865] Added inscription prompt when viewing items.
- Viewing via inventory listing won't leave the inventory.
- [1735752] Autoinscribe wands with zap count.
- Added autoinscriptions for items used by monsters.
- Warning inscriptions now actually work for all advertised commands ([1795568] !r now prevents scrolls from being read.)
- [1793698] In the item selection menu, pressing "." will toggle the selection of the item after the previously selected item.
- [1783003] More menu sorting methods, and fixed jewellery sorting bug.
- Book shops are less likely to stock duplicate copies.
- [1746014] Added command to cycle through ammunition when 'f'iring.

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