* Stone Soup 0.20 (20170525) [#c9f2996d]
- The Slime Pits treasure vault walls are breached when the Royal Jelly dies.
- Web traps created in play (by e.g. jumping spiders) are destroyed on escape.
- The Tomb of Ancients now has one-way escape hatches with return hatches nearby instead of stairs.
- New transporter dungeon feature: a one-way portal to elsewhere on the level.
Currently used in a number of new loot vaults.

* Stone Soup 0.19 (20161031) [#hffffbc8]
-New timed portal vault: the Desolation of Salt, appearing in Elf and Vaults.
-- Six new enemies, including swarms of fragile golems with supporting allies.
-- Open terrain layout with large, opaque clouds to use as cover.
-- Many powerful artefacts resting within ancient ruins.
- Volcanoes are now much more dangerous, but offer better rewards.
- Lair is now six floors (formerly eight).
- Slime is now five floors (formerly six).
- The Slime treasure vault's walls disappear entirely on their master's death.
- Webs are no longer destroyed after creatures escape from them.
- Beogh will no longer smite creatures that destroy orcish idols.
- Lair and Orc no longer have ambient noise.
- Storm cloud damage is more common and much less severe.
- Non-opaque clouds created by the player vanish instantly when out of LOS.
- The Orb's translocation restrictions now apply throughout the Zot branch.

* Stone Soup 0.18 (20160504) [#z2ba8d15]
- Killing monsters in the Abyss eventually spawns exits and down-stairs.
- Ziggurat portals no longer appear in Pan.
- After clearing multiple ziggurats, enemies found in later ziggurats will be considerably more dangerous.
- The Orcish Mines are now two levels, and generate fewer plain orcs. Gold generation is doubled to account for the shorter branch.
- The Elven Halls now contains elementals and dancing weapons (in addition to the ones normally found in the Hall of Blades).

* Stone Soup 0.17 (20151106) [#lc811c0f]
- Snake, Shoals, Swamp and Spider are now all 4 levels long, down from 5.
- Levels no longer have -cTele.
- Shadow Traps have been removed.
- Slime wall damage no longer varies by depth.
- AC now applies before resists for cloud damage.
- Ghostly flame clouds have been renamed to spectral mist clouds.
- Troves no longer ask for items that the player character's species cannot use.
- Pandemonium now spawns primarily tier 3 and above demons.
- New altar type: 'ecumenical altars', which allow the player to worship a random god.
- New WizLab: Lehudib's Moon Base, where the player can fight the legendary Moon Troll.
- Tukima's Studio and Eringya's Formal Garden WizLabs have been removed.

* Stone Soup 0.16 (20150311) [#b4bae1e4]
- The tides in Shoals now only shift between shallow water & land; deep water is neither created nor destroyed. The tides move 15 times faster than before.
- Ziggurats now only require two runes to enter, down from three.
- Every time a player clears a ziggurat (exits from the top floor, Zig:27), all subsequent ziggurats become significantly harder.
- A Hall of Blades area (not branch) is now guaranteed on Elf:2.
- Abyssal stairs can now appear in the Abyssal Knight starting abyss.
- Clouds of draining now require rN+++ for immunity, up from rN+.
- Clouds of miasma now apply the 'Rot' status, rather than causing rotting directly.
- New trap: "Shadow Trap", which summons a small group of hostile creatures from the local area when any non-summoned creature steps on it.
- Traps no longer care about whether the player is flying.
- The 'disarm trap' command has been removed.

* Stone Soup 0.15 (20140811) [#eab1a777]

- The Hall of Blades has been cut.
- Crypt is now three levels (was five).
- Some areas of the Tomb layout can now vary.
- Mechanical traps no longer drop ammo.
- Most randomly-placed teleport traps now disappear after one use.
- Troves asking for items require that item to be unequipped.
- The Abyss no longer sometimes blocks blinking.
- Mutagenic fog now causes large amounts of glow instead of mutating directly.

*Stone Soup 0.14 (20140409) [#bf9ecfe2]

-The main Dungeon is now fifteen levels.
-A new branch: the Depths; entered from the end of Dungeon, it is five levels
long and contains the entrance to the Realm of Zot.
-The Vaults are now entered from D:13-14 and need a rune to enter.
-Abyssal stairs appear more frequently, and are fixed with depth.
-Ziggurats require only three runes to enter; an entrance is guaranteed
in Depths, but still spawn as normal in Pan.
-Portals are no longer closed when carrying the Orb of Zot.
-The Horn of Geryon is no longer necessary for entering Hell branches.
-Labyrinths contain more enemies, and the minotaur is normally awake.
-More Ziggurat enemy sets.
-Crypt endings now contain some pieces of thematic loot: draining and/or
pain and/or vampiric weapons, rings of positive energy and amulets of
warding, one of several unrands, the Necronomicon, or evokers/staves.
-Easy ice cave portals now appear only in D, Lair, and Orc; hard ice cave
portals appear in Elf and rotating Lair branches.
-Portal timers have been generally shortened and made more consistent with
each other; additionally, the shorter timer started upon first seeing them
has been removed.
-The layout of the last level of the Vaults has been changed, with all four
subsections being open at each corner.
-Gadget shops and wand shops have been merged; the resulting gadget shops
now also sell rods.
-The price of items in shops has been recalibrated.
-Pandemonium exits occur more frequently as the player obtains runes from

*Stone Soup 0.13 (20131011) [#s50d2bbb]
-A new Sprint map: "|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||" by st (otherwise known as
-Branches now have exactly one exit stair (except the Dungeon, which can,
but is not guaranteed, to have more).
-Many new layouts have been added to most branches, including unique layouts
for branches that didn't have them; and numerous tweaks and improvements
to existing layouts.
-Vaults can now be placed at the centre of some layouts prepared to accept
them there.
-All portal vaults entrances that time out are now announced.
-Temple overflow altars can now contain multiple altars.
-New shop type: gadget shops, which sell evokable items.
-Mechanical traps do not spawn outside of vaults.
-Zot trap effects are now only a subset of the full set of miscasts, and
have some new unique effects - draining of wand charges and Word of Recall
(as per ironbrand convokers).

*Stone Soup 0.12 (20130501) [#e25c69d7]
-The Hall of Blades layout has been adjusted, and now contains two weapons
with "interesting brands" instead of just one.
-The Abyss is revamped yet again. It now contains five (still infinite)
levels of increasing difficulty. Each level is composed of regions with
different layouts, most of which are more static than before. The rune
appears only at the third level and below, more frequently at deeper levels.
-The Abyssal rune always appears in a vault, never lying around on the floor.
-Having the Abyssal rune greatly increases the generation of Abyss exits.
-Many Ziggurat floors have more fine-tuned monster-sets, and a few monster
sets have been replaced entirely.
-Three new Sprint maps: "Thunderdome" by evilmike, "The Pits" and "Arena of
Blood" both by st.
-The Abyss no longer exists in Sprint.
-New layouts for Cocytus, Gehenna, Snake, and the main Dungeon.
-More layouts allowed in Zot.
-New Lair branch ending vaults, and many other new vaults.
-More decorative vaults are now placed.
-"Special rooms" (kobold/orc rooms, beehives, morgues, jelly pits) have been
adjusted, now appear at more appropriate depths and layouts, and no longer
place doors.
-A new "special room" - the mythical zoo, with standard high fantasy beasts.
-New "runed door" feature: won't be opened by auto-explore or by monsters.
Becomes a regular door when opened.
-Alarm traps only trigger once, but make monsters swarm towards you for some

*Stone Soup 0.11 (20121001) [#u294e03e]
-New wizlab: Roulette of Golubria.
-A metric buttload of new vaults, including several new branch endings and
a full-level vault for deeper parts of the main dungeon.
-A new Sprint map by st, based on the Ziggurat.
-Vaults are more common.
-There are three new level layouts for the dungeon and various branches.
-You don't lose portal vaults after being banished from one.
-Escaping the Abyss places you where you came from, but grants short-term
immunity to most forms of banishment.
-Pandemonium: slightly fewer exits to the dungeon are placed, but there are
many more exits through the abyss (which will return you to the Dungeon).
-The Elven Halls are only three levels deep.
-Branch difficulty doesn't depend on where their entrance was anymore.
-Traps of a given type deal the same damage no matter where they are.
-Axe traps got axed.
-Wax walls are no more.
-There are no more randomly generated secret doors, but they can still be
found in vaults.
-The Swamp has an improved layout, with smaller and more compact levels, and
more trees. It is also less misty than before.
-Swamp trees are now mangroves, and are opaque.
-Spider Nest: replaces the old spider portal vault, contains the gossamer
rune of Zot.
-Games will have one of the Spider Nest or Snake Pit, and one of the Swamp or
Shoals, guaranteeing one poison themed branch and one water themed one.

*Stone Soup 0.10 (20120216) [#b281c3b3]
-Remove Hive. Guarantee some limited food supply in the dungeon.
-Completely reworked Abyss: it now morphs continuously over time, is mappable,
and extends infinitely in all directions.
-Most abyssal runes are in special vaults.
-Escaping the Abyss returns to place of banishment.
-Ziggurats have much more colourful holy levels.
-Ziggurats: spriggan levels.
-Pan monster set tweaked.
-More Volcano portal vaults.
-Web "traps", can briefly entangle those caught.
-A "twisting cavern" map layout.
-Many vaults, including large altar vaults, Abyss vaults, Pan Lord maps,
and several branch endings.
-A number of branches have a completely new set of tiles: Snake Pit,
Labyrinth, Vestibule of Hell, Crypt, Dis, Tartarus, Cocytus, Pandemonium.
-The chance of getting a unique Pandemonium level increases for each level of
Pan you visit.

*Stone Soup 0.9 (20110812) [#s74a4f58]
-New branch endings: multiple Elf:5 maps, Zot entry vaults on D:27.
-Many other new vaults, including serial vaults, traps, Abyss vaults.
-Blink in the Abyss only blinks; does not teleport anymore.
-Baileys are more sane in loot and threat.
-Troves: fix some bugs, and additional quests.
-Vestibule of Hell has its own monster set.
-Don't place kobold/orc/jelly/bee special rooms in the Hells.

*Stone Soup 0.8 (20110426) [#vb55f5d6]

-New game mode: 'Zot Defence'.
-Shorten Elven Halls from 7 -> 5 floors.
-Use a random Temple map if the original temple map is no longer available.
-Fix portal vaults not being deleted after leaving.
-Place escape hatches in all isolated Orcish Mines bubbles.
-Make entering portal vaults from Hell work correctly.
-Travelling to/from the Vestibule of Hell works now.
-Include "Ten Rune Challenge" Dungeon Sprint map, slightly tweaked.
-New sprint map by 78291.
-Prevent randomly teleporting into the Slime:6 loot chambers.
-Introduce serial vaults consisting of several themed mini vaults.
-Every random Pan vault now has a 1/9 chance of having a demonic rune in it.
-No banishment from hell effects.
-No more darkgrey walls/floors in Geh:7 or Gloorx.
-Ambient noise levels for dungeon branches (affecting stealth).
-Describe level 1 upstairs as "staircase leading out of the dungeon."
-Don't enable cTele by quaffing Elf fountains.
-Plain water fountains give no nutrition.
-Fix no-cTele announcements being affected by Translocations skill.
-Generate at most one labyrinth per game (~70% chance), at depth 10-20, never
in Slime or Orc.
-Troves aren't timed anymore, and always require an item.
-Nerf troves: increased entry fees, reduced loot.
-Make troves handle manuals correctly.
-Don't generate outright useless troves for your species.
-Timed markers get a second timer, activated on sight.
-Extend unannounced portal timers to around 3000 turns.
-Don't open transparent secret doors with warnings.
-New noise propagation system, taking into account walls and doors.
-Fix good_item gold giving ludicrous amounts.
-Fix no traps being generated on Zot:5.
-Reveal teletraps triggered by a monster in sight.
-Replace hell exit stairs with portals.
-Boost alarm trap noise to 25.
-Two custom traps: basket of spiders, falling grate.
-Change temple_entry_steam to mist, which doesn't block autotravel.
-Allow vaults to specify shops, monster gods, wand charges.
-New temple maps, many with < 12 altars.
-Many great new vaults (entry vaults, serial, Lair/Snake branch ends, etc.)

*Stone Soup 0.6 (20100326) [#xab94107]
-New branch: the Shoals. Greek-inspired, featuring merfolk, tides, and turtles.
Games now select two branches from Shoals, Snake Pit, and Swamp to enable.
-Shorten Lair to eight levels.
-More interesting level layout for Lair and Swamp.
-New portal vaults: Bailey, Trove, Volcano, Wizard's Laboratory.
-Some escape hatches are replaced by (single-use) shafts.
-New wall type "tree"; two trees in a row block vision.
-Seal hell portals rather than Vestibule when the player picks up the orb.
-Loosen restrictions about which branches may contain uniques.
-Disallow mechanical traps in the Slime Pits.
-Limit alarm traps to 1-3 charges.
-Trap disarming prompts if you have less hp than the trap's maximum damage.
-New alternative branch endings for Hells, Hive, Swamp, Vaults.
-The pandemonium lords' levels get special announcements.
-Added milestones for all portal vaults and the pandemonium lords' levels.
-Many new vaults.

*Stone Soup 0.5.0 (20090612) [#y2d3b68c]
-New portal vaults (Sewer, Ice Cave, Minitomb, Ziggurat), and many new vaults.
-Self-changing labyrinths (mappable but subject to map rot).
-Teleporting within a labyrinth always sends you away from the exit.
-The Orcish Mines are completely interconnected via the branch bottom.
-Shortened Hive to two levels.
-Ghosts may no longer appear in the Ecumenical Temple.
-Traps remember how much ammunition they have.
-Branch descriptions mention depth and whether they contain a rune.
-Fixed KMONS not accepting comma-separated list of alternative monsters.
-Tweaked most of the oklob vaults to make them less dangerous.
-Allow bazaars outside of the main dungeon.
-For timed portal vault alerts, give directional feedback.

*Stone Soup 0.4.0 (20080714) [#gb214d42]
-Added transparent wall types.
-Modified Slime Pits end, guarantee rune.
-Several new vaults.
-Fixed some levels having the wrong amount of stairs.
-Fixed wonky vaults on lava etc.
-Treat adjacent doors as one (large) gate, opening/closing together.
-Player minotaurs will now map labyrinths.
-Removed amnesia traps.
-Introduced shafts.
-Added blood spattering.

*Stone Soup 0.3.0 (20071031) [#w437d146]
-Added portal vaults, specifically bazaars.
-Labyrinths look much different now.
-Changed rock stairs to escape hatches.
-New trap type: net trap.
-Added several new vault maps.
-Monster generation rate in the Vestibule drops with time spent in
the Vestibule.
-Fixed sealed rooms being generated in the Vaults.

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