* Stone Soup 0.20 (20170525) [#m9129656]
- The species selection menu has been reworked to have a more useful conceptual organization, with species grouped into "simple", "intermediate", and "advanced" categories.
- Noise from the last turn is displayed in the top-right, replacing gold. (Gold can still be seen with % and $.)
- Terminal colors now work properly on a wider range of terminals by default.
However, as a consequence the default background map color is dark blue.
To get dark grey, depending on your terminal you can set `bold_brightens_foreground=true` or `allow_extended_colours=true` in your rc file.
- New equip_bar option that replaces the noise display with a display of the glyphs of your equipped items (console only).
- Monsters' melee attacks, including estimates of potential damage, are now included in their descriptions.
- The player's odds of succeeding with melee confusion attacks is displayed.
- auto_butcher can be configured to trigger on different hunger levels.
- Stash searches now hide distant duplicate matches of more vanilla weapons, armour, and ammo by default. Searches results are now first ordered by items' descriptive names, rather than by the whole string including determiners.
- Red draining is now divided into red and magenta; magenta is the worst.
- The mouse can be used in webtiles (now enabled by default, previously a secret option).
- Local versions have much-improved support for custom sounds; see https://github.com/crawl/crawl/commit/4270d38ebf63 for details.
- SDL Tiles now no longer disables screen savers.

* Stone Soup 0.19 (20161031) [#rdf3ab6d]
- Most targeters will be more intelligent when trying to maximize enemies hit.
- In tiles, monster attitude is indicated with colored auras instead of icons.
- The (p)rayer command is gone; pray at altars with > or <, as with shops.
- Descriptions of monsters with multiple spellsets show which spells you've seen them cast.
- Monster descriptions list their average max HP.
- New auto_butcher option, which butchers edible corpses during autoexplore.

* Stone Soup 0.18 (20160504) [#g0955062]
- Earth elementalists now have their stones start on b.
- Characters starting with a primary ranged weapon now have their melee weapon on b by default.
- New autofight_warning option, to combat accidentally holding down tab.
- An option is added to the butchering prompt to allow butchering only (e)dible corpses.
- Auto-eat now triggers for ghouls if they are rotted.
- The religion screen now shows all god powers, with currently accessible powers (per level of piety) being highlighted.
- Many previously hardcoded forced mores are now optional and present in the default init.txt.
- New character dump option: skill_gains, which shows when skills were gained.
- A s(T)atus effect lookup has been added to ?/.

* Stone Soup 0.17 (20151106) [#dccf40c5]
- The level map viewer (X) now allows you to examine monsters, items & features (with 'v'), just as the normal examine mode does.
- The inventory descriptions for weapons & shields now shows the skill required to reach minimum attack delay / remove attack delay penalty, respectively.
- The rune menu now shows you all runes and their locations before they are found, including the Orb of Zot.
- New ability_slot option, which allows you to specify default letters for abilities.
- The 'a'bility command shows the menu by default; to get the old behaviour, use the option "ability_menu = false".
- The auto_eat_chunks option is now true by default, so hungry characters eat chunks while resting, travelling, and exploring.
- Allow searching for jewellery, dragon armour/hides and magical staves using abbreviations for their granted properties.

* Stone Soup 0.16 (20150311) [#e168912e]
- Some effects (Shatter, banishment, etc.) now display animations.
- Monster AC, EV, and MR are now displayed as bars in their descriptions.
- Monster spell descriptions can now be examined through their descriptions, in the same way as books & rods.
- Odds of hex success is now displayed when targeting monsters, or when examining their spells.
- The screen now flashes on attempting to autoexplore with monsters in view, indicating where the relevant monsters are.
- Stealth is now displayed as a bar in the % screen. (The old 'stealth words') are still visible with @.)
- A third page has been added to the god description (^) screen, listing causes and effects of divine wrath.
- Xom now has a 'mood' meter, in the same place other gods have piety meters.
- Control-direction no longer tries to open or close doors.
- Derived undead (zombies, skeletons, &c) now have their full names displayed.
- Corrosion now visibly (temporarily) reduces weapons' enhancement bonuses.
- Monsters no longer appear on the minimap.
- The weapon, species, and background options allow these aspects to be specified in the init file, causing one to be randomly selected; a new combo option allows entire sets of the above to be specified, again with one being randomly selected.
- Added explore mode, which is a limited version of wizard mode, where the only benefit gained is the inability to die. No extra information is displayed (like in wizard mode), and no extra commands are available. As with wizard mode, explore mode games are not scored. Enter explore mode using '+'.
- ?/ has been generally improved, and a new ?/c(L)oud lookup has been added.

* Stone Soup 0.15 (20140811) [#x78c6cdc]

- Monsters with special melee attacks (e.g. poison, fire) have this noted in
their descriptions.
- Unique enemies are now announced by their proper titles when first appearing.
- Ctrl-T now displays the weapons that enemies are carrying, in console.
- New tile_show_player_species option; when enabled, uses the monster tile
instead of the player race one.
- Ability and spell icons have been reworked.
- There are status lights for Might, Agility, and Brilliance.

*Stone Soup 0.14 (20140409) [#w90be7f4]
-"Automagic" functionality similar to autofight has been added through the
options automagic_enable, automagic_stop, and automagic_fight; it can be
used to automatically cast spells in a specified slot in combat.
-Different types of magical traps are coloured differently.
-Unnaturally hard rock walls have a new default glyph.
-The % screen has a new layout.
-You are prompted to continue wearing/unwearing armour when a monster comes
into view.
-"pickup_mode = multi|single" is now "pickup_menu = true|false", with true
being the default; "pickup_menu_limit" has been introduced to handle
the old "auto:X" settings.
-The "auto_list" option has been removed.
-The WebTiles spectator box sorts names and links online player profiles.
-URLs occurring in WebTiles chat messages are hyperlinked.
-New default minimap colours.
-Examining a monster now displays the speeds at which it takes actions if
those actions are slower or faster than its normal speed.
-arena_delay, which controls the speed of arena play and animations, is now
available outside of arena mode as view_delay.
-Monsters get invisible monster indicators for one turn after they become
invisible to the player.
-The shop screen layout has been revised.

*Stone Soup 0.13 (20131011) [#cb459636]

- For online play, explore_delay and travel_delay are instananeous by default.
- Dungeon features with variable-colour tiles now display those colours in tiles (e.g. walls in the Abyss, the Elven Halls, and the Pan disco hall).
- Examining a monster will display the spells monsters of its type are capable of using.

*Stone Soup 0.12 (20130501) [#zb679cb2]
- Many updated tiles.
- A new Android port with touch-screen support.
- New options: auto_sacrifice, dump_on_save, item_glyph, monster_list_colour, tile_cell_pixels, tile_filter_scaling.
- Removed options: sacrifice_before_explore (now part of auto_sacrifice), annotate_item_class, annotate_item_dropped, autoinscribe_artefacts, show_no_ctele, menu_colour_prefix_class, menu_colour_shops, list_rotten.
- Player action counts and generated vaults are now included in dumps by default.
- List options can be prepended to with ^=.
- The "evil_eating" and "evil_item" menu-colouring prefixes are renamed to "forbidden".
- Explosion and cloud spells will try to target a spot adjacent to an out-of-range monster before falling back to the player's position, but will ignore plants.
- It is possible to restrict a ctrl-f stash search to the current level by prefixing it with "@".
- Swap the cycle ammunition commands. '(' = backward, ')' = forward.
- Webtiles supports real-time animations, toggleable via F10.
- Webtiles displays miniature health and MP bars on the player.
- Allies can now be ordered to retreat in a specific direction.

*Stone Soup 0.11 (20121001) [#u57839d3]
- Stash tracking, annotations, etc, work for portal levels.
- Mutation notes mention how it was gained or lost.
- Removed options: pizza, ood_interesting, rare_interesting, note_all_spells.
- New options: auto_drop_chunks, autofight_throw, dump_kill_breakdowns, show_travel_trail, sacrifice_before_explore.
- Webtiles chat is now logged (can be disabled via note_chat_messages).
- The show_gold_turns and show_game_turns options are now enabled by default: you will see how much gold you have, and how much time your actions take.
- Fake translations: dwarven, jagerkin, kraut, wide.
- Loads of new tiles.
- The unique Pan/Hell lords get special tall tiles.
- An in-game high scores browser.
- Picking up stackable items shows how many you picked up.
- Every item, monster, feature has a description.
- Many descriptions were improved.
- Autoexplore stops on items sacrificeable to your god.
- Rods appear as a separate item class.
- Autopickup settings can now be configured in-game, via the '\' key.
- Several improvements have been made to the tutorial.
- Lantern of shadows no longer makes the whole screen dark grey in console mode.
- Targetting prompts have been massively improved. Almost all area of effect spells are now supported, and bounce paths (e.g. from lightning bolt) are displayed.
- Some added or improved status indicators.
- Message filters are case-insensitive.
- Webtiles has experimental support for watching console games on servers running both webtiles and dgamelaunch.
- Local tiles now has an abilities tab.

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