* Stone Soup 0.20 (20170525) [#r7243ca3]
- Draconian callers -> stormcallers, which Smite, Summon Drakes, and Upheaval.
- Mottled dragons -> acid dragons.
- Two-headed ogres are significantly stronger.
- The 'draining' effect once again lowers monsters' MR.
- Various unique monsters give better rewards for defeating them.
- Monsters such as alligators get a larger movement speed increase when using their Sprint ability.
- Maurice and Ijyb now always have wands, and Ijyb first appears a bit deeper in the Dungeon.
- Draconian ghosts will no longer have negative energy breath.
- Removed:
-- Mottled draconians.
-- Draconian zealots.
-- Hill giants.

* Stone Soup 0.19 (20161031) [#cc54306d]
- New monsters
-- Bai Suzhen, a late-game draconian unique that casts Summon Hydra. When severely injured, she becomes a dragon ringed by storm clouds.
-- Meliai, bee priestesses that sting and smite in trios.
-- Dream sheep, pack monsters that put their enemies to sleep.
-- ...and the residents of the Desolation of Salt.
- Uniques:
-- Urug and Jory's weapons are now much nastier for their depth.
-- Mennas always spawns with a sacred weapon.
-- Donald can now cast Haste and Might.
-- Asterion's Spectral Weapon has been replaced by Greater Servant of Makhleb.
-- Xtahua can now roar to cast Paralyse.
-- Nergalle can no longer enter Death's Door.
-- Gloorx Vloq can no longer cast Black Mark.
-- Various uniques have had their genders changed.
- Zombies, skeletons, and simulacrula no longer hide damage taken, and display the full names of the monster they were created from.
- Battlecry has been simplified, affecting all monsters of the same genus.
- Blood Saints's Legendary Destruction now casts two spells at a time.
- Necromancers gain Bind Soul, reviving slain monsters as simulacrula.
- Ghostly Fireball is now completely resistable by rN and causes draining.
- Obsidian statues can Mesmerise.
- Wizards and Ogre Mages have split up and re-arranged their many spell sets to arrive at three sets each, with minimal overlap.
- Spriggan air mages can no longer cast Control Winds.
- Hellions no longer have fire resistance or cold vulnerability.
- Deep elf archers no longer fire their bows in melee.
- Death scarabs no longer trail miasma, but are somewhat tougher.
- Tzitzimitl melee slows and rots victims, instead of creating miasma.
- Ushabti gain Dispel Undead and Warning Cry, and their clouds are now miasma.
- Friendly monsters will no longer open doors.
- Jellies no longer eat unseen items for non-Jiyva worshippers.
- Turtles no longer withdraw into their shells when injured.
- Giant eyeballs charge up their paralysis-stare 50% faster.
- Statues are now stabbable; obsidian & orange crystal statues gain sInv.
- Renamed monsters:
-- Giant newt -> frilled lizard.
-- Giant frog -> bullfrog.
-- Giant gecko -> leopard gecko.
-- Giant leech -> tyrant leech.
-- Giant eyeball -> floating eye.
-- Giant spore -> ballistomycete spore.
-- Giant orange brain -> glowing orange brain.
-- Greater naga -> nagaraja.
- Removed monsters:
-- Anubis guards.
-- Boulder beetles.
-- Chaos champions.
-- Griffons.
-- Putrid demonspawn.
-- Salamander stormcallers.
-- Sheep.
-- Wasps.
-- Norris.
-- Maud.
-- Wiglaf.

* Stone Soup 0.18 (20160504) [#m2b4a836]
- New monsters:
-- Spark wasps, electric swarming insects appearing in Spider and Depths.
-- Iron giants, with the ability to throw you towards their pack of allies.
-- Doom hounds, who can howl to create a pack of dangerous creatures.
-- Deep elf archers, with skill in archery and hexes.
-- Deep elf elementalists, with mastery of elemental magic and the ability to turn rock into earth elementals to dig out entrenched foes.
-- Dart slugs, slow-moving, squishy gastropods with a ranged dart attack.
-- Howler monkeys, fast and extremely loud creatures, often found in packs.
-- Rime drakes, small flying lizards which breathe Flash Freeze.
- Shadow Fiends are now Tzitzimimeh, made somewhat stronger and given attacks that surround their targets in a ring of miasma clouds.
- Hellfire has been renamed to Damnation, and no longer melts ice.
- Chaos champions lose Chaotic Mirror and instead gain Call of Chaos, an ability which applies (usually) positive status effects to nearby allies.
- Mnoleg gains Call of Chaos (as above), Random Bolt, and Dig.
- Gloorx Vloq gains Summon Executioners and Black Mark.
- Liches and Ancient Liches no longer have a long list of random spells, and return to a new set of fixed spellbooks.
- Salamander stormcallers' chant does not need to be continuous; they now only need to try to cast Fire Storm at their target three times for it to trigger.
- Entropy weavers' corrosion is now instant and smite-targeted, but only applies one level of corrosion.
- Ice devils are now tier 4 demons, and are weakened slightly.
- Hellwings now have the swoop attack formerly possessed by blue devils.
- Shock serpents' discharge now only strikes whatever hit it.
- Salamander mystics lose Localised Ignite Poison.
- Deep elf high priests & sorcerers can no longer cast Summon Demon.
- Natasha, deep elf knights, and salamander stormcallers can no longer cast Conjure Flame.
- Banishment from powerful monsters can now send you deeper into the Abyss than Abyss:1.
- Deep elf mages are now stronger and have new spell sets, including spells previously cast by deep elf conjurers and summoners.
- The Sap Magic effect from demonspawn warmongers now has three fixed levels of success rate penalty, rather than scaling continuously. Each spell cast while under the Sap effect has a fixed chance to increase the penalty level.
- Demonspawn corruptors' Corrupt Body spell is now a single-target version of the same spell used by wretched stars. These spells both now try to apply multiple levels of a single random temporary mutation instead of giving many different kinds.
- Ancient champions and death knights no longer have the Haunt spell.
- Swamp worms are now amphibious and generate submerged, emerging to attack the player and never resubmerging.
- Deep elf high priests now have an Aura of Brilliance spell that affects all allies in their view, making them cast spells more frequently and with more spell power.
- Hell hogs now have Fireball, replacing Sticky Flame.
- Giant eyeballs are now normal speed, but must stare thrice to paralyze.
- Maurice can now steal from the floor as well as your inventory.
- Natasha no longer becomes weaker upon revival.
- Death cobs now drain speed, rather than causing hunger.
- Monsters that drain speed can now do so even to creatures with rN.
- Corroding monsters now reduces their AC by 8, rather than halving it.
- Needles no longer strike unaware monsters more powerfully.
- Removed monsters:
-- Octopode crushers.
-- (Plain) spiders.
-- Salamander firebrands.
-- Blue devils.
-- Brain worms.
-- Deep elf fighters, conjurers, priests, and summoners.
-- Trapdoor spiders.
-- Fire drakes.

* Stone Soup 0.17 (20151106) [#d8bb0242]
- New monsters:
-- Salamander stormcallers, appearing in the late Dungeon and the Vaults. They chant for a few turns before calling down a Fire Storm on their victims.
-- Entropy weavers, appearing in Spider, Vaults, and Depths. They chant for a few turns before corroding their victims' equipment terribly.
-- Juggernauts, terrifying giants that lurk in Depths. They move quickly and deliver fantastically punishing blows, but must rest after each attack.
- Death cobs have been greatly strengthened and their attacks increase your hunger, even when guarded by AC.
- Hungry ghosts' hungering effect now apply even when their attack damage is reduced by AC.
- XP and placement for many uniques has been adjusted; in general, uniques have been removed from depths at which they're no longer threatening, and their XP has increased considerably.
- Jellies no longer eat items the player has seen.
- Monsters will now pick up all scrolls & potions, not just ones they use.
- Poison now has a 1/3 chance of affecting rPois+ monsters (up from 0/3).
- All nonliving monsters now have rPois+++.
- rElec++ has been removed; monsters that previously had it now either have rElec+ or full immunity.
- Non-magic-immune monsters are now always confuseable.
- Unrelated monsters can now swap with each other.
- Ghouls no longer cause rot with their attacks.
- Monsters no longer eat corpses.
- Revenants no longer ignore silence.
- Phantasmal warriors' attacks no longer pierce shields & armour.
- Death knights now have agony & haunt in addition to pain mirror.
- Worms are less vulnerable to some forms of kiting, having more regen in exchange for less max hp.
- Air elementals can no longer 'submerge' in air.
- Fire elementals no longer fly (though they can still cross lava). They can now enter shallow water.
- Queen ants are now faster.
- Liches and Ancient Liches can no longer cast Shadow Creatures.
- Many monsters have lost the 'teleport self' spell: (ancient) liches, wizards, giant orange brains, hellwings, smoke demons, ogre magi, Mara, and Boris.
- Various 'high-intelligence' monsters no longer have immunity to drowning while confused.
- Basic mummies no longer have death curses.
- Alligators now come in pairs.
- Jorgrun is no longer a deep dwarf, and now regenerates normally.
- Deep dwarf ghosts now regenerate normally.
- Hell beasts no longer have randomized speeds.
- Salamander mystics, firebrands, and stormcallers now all have normal land move speed and fast swimming speed.
- Polyphemus can throw his yaks at the player.
- Blocks of ice are now susceptible to LRD and Shatter.
- Demonspawn warmongers now have Haste Other instead of Grand Avatar, and can spawn with a shield.
- Demonspawn blood saints no longer have ephemeral infusion, and no longer damage themselves when casting Legendary Destruction.
- Orange crystal statues now have Shadow Creatures and both they and obsidian statues are faster at casting their spells.
- Monsters can no longer have the Inner Flame spell.
- Hellwings no longer have the Teleport Other spell.
- Monsters can no longer have Animate Dead nor Simulacrum spells.
- Monsters that worship Dith or Yred (including allies of the player) are immune to the umbra accuracy reduction.
- Monsters can no longer have a flee ability (polar bears, black bears, and krakens).
- Derived undead (skeletons, zombies, spectres, and simulacra) now do 80% of the damage of the base monster and inherit the energy use pattern of the base monster.
- Derived undead created by spells or items are temporary, falling apart after some time. Yredelemnul still creates permanent undead.
- Removed monsters:
-- Unborn.
-- Ravens.
-- Giant mites.
-- Baby alligators.
-- Boring beetles.
-- Goliath beetles.
-- Wandering mushrooms only generate through Fedhas or the monster Summon Mushrooms spell.

* Stone Soup 0.16 (20150311) [#g1710226]
- The Great Lords of Pandemonium (Cerebov, et al) will reappear on later floors of Pandemonium if their rune is stolen, unless and until they are slain.
- The Serpent of Hell is considerably tougher; it now has three heads which can attack and/or breathe separately, and can also summon backup.
- Mnoleg now has more and more exciting attack types.
- Mimics now cackle and vanish (forever) when discovered.
- Curse skulls now move - fast!
- Iron devils have been upgraded to rust devils, which do less damage but corrode with their touch.
- Insubstantial wisps are now more fragile & less numerous, but have Static Discharge.
- Seraphim are now considerably stronger, and have a new spellset. They can now (very occasionally) appear on the orb run.
- New monsters:
-- Robin of the Strong Arm, appearing in the early Dungeon. An unusually strong hobgoblin, with a personal army of hobgoblins and goblins. She happily hurls the latter at her enemies.
-- Caustic shrikes, appearing in Depths. Metallic birds that travel in flocks, attacking with acid-dripping claws that sear through armour & flesh alike.
-- Shard shrikes, appearing in Cocytus. Batty monsters that come in flocks and spit deadly ice shards at their foes.
-- Elemental wellsprings, appearing in Cocytus. They fire powerful waves of water which produce hostile water elementals - but deplete their own 'health' in the process.
-- Bennu, the divine phoenix, appearing in Tomb. Attacks with draining and holy; when killed, explodes into ghostly flame and instantly returns to life (once).
-- Ushabti, funerary statues, appearing in Tomb. They exhale long lines of draining clouds, and rumble deeply to alert far-away foes.
-- Anubis guards, living fanatics appearing in Tomb. They're conditioned to be immune to torment, and breathe draining, dispel undead, and howl to alert other guards.
-- Death scarabs, swarming insects appearing in Tomb. They trail miasma and have a vampiric bite that also drains speed.
- Renamed monsters:
-- Silver statues -> obsidian statues.
-- Green rats -> river rats.
-- Orange rats -> hell rats.
-- Yellow wasps -> wasps.
-- Red wasps -> hornets.
-- Mermaids -> sirens.
-- Sirens -> merfolk avatars.
-- Meatsprint lost souls -> wretched souls.
- The Royal Jelly now leaks a large number of jellies when polymorphed.
- Ghost crabs have been moved from Crypt to Swamp.
- The "misshapen and mutated" status (from Malmutate and the new Irradiate spell) is now temporary, but more significant.
- Player ghosts & spellforged servitors can now have more than six spells.
- Player ghosts now have their weapon brands displayed.
- Hellwings can now cast Cigotuvi's Embrace, and start with it active.
- Xtahua's breath now creates a cloud of flames, like red draconians'.
- Tiamat can now be any colour of draconian, except grey.
- Fannar can now cast Condensation Shield.
- Frederick is now a demigod; his armour has been upgraded & his spellset has been tweaked.
- Sense invisibility has been simplified; monsters that had it now have see invisible + blindness immunity instead.
- Magic immunity no longer confers confusion immunity to monsters.
- Many monsters are no longer magic immune: notably, most plant enemies, eyes, mummies, and angels.
- Polymorphed monsters now return to their original shapes in death.
- Liches (and ancient liches) now choose their spells randomly from a large set of possible spells, instead of having fixed spellbooks.
- All non-permanent summoned monsters are now unable to use stairs.

* Stone Soup 0.15 (20140811) [#qd5f2777]

- Many enemy glyphs have been adjusted. See 0.14_monster_glyphs.txt.
- Monsters will no longer pick up items that the player has seen. Allies won't
pick up items at all.
- Corrosion affects all of your equipment, but only temporarily, and the chance
to corrode equipment does not consider item enchantment.
- Draining effects no longer permanently reduce monsters' stats ('hit dice');
instead, they apply a temporary status which reduces hit dice for the
- Monsters no longer fall asleep after long periods of time.
- New monster: ghost crabs, found in Crypt. They breathe ghostly flames that
call dangerous specters into existence.
- New monster: torpor snails, found in Lair and Spider. Their enemies are
slowed on sight, somewhat like ancient zymes.
- Enemies are more intelligent about using area-of-attack spells such as
Symbol of Torment and Chain Lightning even when you are not in sight.
- Komodo dragons now bite harder but don't sicken the player.
- Purple ugly things deal extra damage in lieu of a sickness attack.
- Deep dwarf death knights are now just death knights.
- Manticores now move as fast as the player, and have an unlimited number of
spike volleys.
- Base draconians can become nonbase draconians with experience.
- Undead and nonliving enemies regenerate as fast as other enemies.
- Silver statues and orange crystal statues are immune to disintegration,
but have less health and AC and have their abilities converted to spells
such that they spam less; this implies OCS confusion can be resisted.
- Bog bodies no longer randomly rot.
- Undead monsters will now fall to pieces in deep water, instead of hiding
- Curse skulls are now immobile, again.
- Lost souls now make enemies into ghosts instead of specters.
- Spriggan riders now ride wasps.
- Ugly & very ugly things are now dramatically nastier.
- Cherub's hymns can buff any allies, not just those with higher HDs.
- Killing holy monsters no longer invokes cleansing flame on the perpetrator.
- Ghouls and necrophages can no longer equip weapons or armour.
- Mimics no longer mimic doors, statues, fountains or hatches.
- Each unique now has a special title, shown when you first see them or in the
description screen.
- Removed enemies: vapours, thorn lotuses, giant goldfish, silver stars,
flaming corpses, grizzly bears, spriggan enchanters, phoenixes, shedu,
plague shamblers, giant slugs, elephant slugs, giant fireflies, brown oozes,
pulsating lumps, big fish, sharks, lava worms.

*Stone Soup 0.14 (20140409) [#v1153831]
-Guardian serpents no longer have Teleport Other; instead they get
Blink Allies Encircle.
-Lom Lobon can now cast Tornado.
-The plain "dragon" is now known as "fire dragon".
-Dragons, drakes, crabs, and acid blobs no longer flee at low health.
-Jellies once again split.
-Monsters are subject to summon caps.
-Summoned creatures are dismissed upon the death of their summoner.
-Word of Recall is now subject to a breath timer, and can be interrupted
by causing a breath timeout (with e.g. curare).
-Minotaurs appearing naturally outside of labyrinths now come with
-Abominations don't heal naturally; those created from spells can heal
by melding further with crawling corpses and macabre masses.
-New enemies:
-- Fauns, who hex the player before attacking from afar, and their larger
brethren satyrs, who can empower their nearby allies.
-- Wind drakes, who can breathe powerful blasts of wind and airstrike the
-- Thorn lotuses, plants adrift on the water that pepper the player with
thorns fired from afar.
-- Thorn hunters, who fire volleys of thorns and create briar patches to
impede their foes' movements.
-- Dryads, who turn the forest against you by casting Awaken Forest like
spriggan druids and summoning snaplasher vines that pull their enemies
-- Water nymphs, who passively form a pool of water around themselves
and strike down the player with said water.
-- Shambling mangroves, slow-moving, tough plants home to a nest of ravens
or wasps.
-- Raiju, which can attack by transforming themselves into a bolt of
-- Worldbinders, abyssal enemies which summon low tier enemies from other
-- Shock serpents, who build up electrical energy for a static discharge;
-- Mana vipers, snakes with an antimagic bite;
-- Naga sharpshooters, who snipe at the player with Portal Projectile;
-- Naga ritualists, who can amplify poison in enemies and also cast
Olgreb's Toxic Radiance;
-- Salamander mystics, with Bolt of Magma, Haste Other, a single-target
version of Ignite Poison, and Iskenderun's Mystic Blast;
-- Salamander firebrands, whose attacks cause a ring of flames to appear
around the target.
-- Octopode crushers, who can throw both the victims they constrict as well
as icicles.
-A new set of enemies based on demonspawn, appearing in Pan.
-- Base types:
--- monstrous (auxiliary attacks and more HP);
--- gelid (rC++ and icemail - bonus AC which dissipates on fire damage);
--- infernal (rF++ and fire attacks);
--- putrid (rPois, gains HP on nearby kills);
--- torturous (augmentation, powered by pain, and spines).
-- Classes:
--- blood saint (Legendary Destruction, which casts random powerful
conjurations, and Ephemeral Infusion, which temporarily heals
nearby allies);
--- chaos champions (Chaotic Reflection, which inflicts a random hex-like
effect on itself and the target, and Random Bolt as per the rod
of destruction);
--- warmongers (Grand Avatar, essentially a hybrid battlesphere and
spectral weapon which triggers on sufficiently damaging attacks of
nearby allies, and Sap Magic, a hex which hinders spellcasting success
progressively as spells are cast);
--- corrupters (Plane Rend, which summons high tier enemies from other
branches, and Corrupt Body, which inflicts a small set of temporary
--- black suns (Black Mark, which empowers nearby allies with various
draining attacks that heal on hit, and previously existing spells
Bolt of Draining, Malign Offering, and Dispel Undead).
-Adjustments to lair branch enemies:
-- Spriggan druids' Druid's Call now calls 2-3 creatures out of LOS nearby
and does not invisibly might creatures; instead, nearby creatures
are healed and frenzied on their death. Stone Arrow also replaces
Sunray in their spell set.
-- Siren songs' pulling effects are now irresistible if the player is
already mesmerised.
-- Siren songs call drowned souls, weak temporary enemies with a drowning
-- Manticores' spines now embed themselves in targets, causing damage while
moving until a few turns is spent doing nothing to remove them.
-- Harpies no longer steal food or eat food off of the ground.
-- Plain salamanders have been weakened, and all salamanders can slither
around on land.
-Adjustments to other enemies:
-- Quokkas are speed 12 (making them effectively identical to grey rats).
-- Boggarts are more durable.
-- Rakshasas gain a monster spell "Phantom Mirror", which summons
a clone of a nearby allied monster with half the hit points, with
a 50% chance of swapping the clone for the original; this replaces
their previous self-cloning abilities. They can now also cast
Iskenderun's Mystic Blast and will summon two clones of themselves
at 50% HP as a one-time effect.
-- Giant orange brains get Mass Confusion instead of Confusion.
-- Spriggans in general now merely have fast movement speed instead of
fast speed in general, more damage and less EV.
-- Spriggan air mages have Haste (replacing Shock).
-- Deep elf demonologists summon more greater demons instead of minor
-- Draconian knights have fewer but distinct spell sets focusing on
ice and necromancy.
-- Gargoyles and molten gargoyles now have Stone Arrow and Bolt of
Magma respectively, and generate with mace-type weapons.
-- Metal gargoyles are now war gargoyles - fast and with the ability to
fire metal fragments at targets.
-- Crystal golems are now crystal guardians - less health, but with the
ability to fire crystal bolts that bounce off of all walls and deal
either fire or cold damage on a per-bolt basis.
-- Ravens and eldritch tentacles no longer eat corpses.
-New uniques:
-- Asterion, a minotaur of Makhleb who flings Major Destruction and
can employ Spectral Weapon with his demon weapon;
-- Natasha, a felid ex-familiar with minor spellcasting abilities;
-- Vashnia, leader of a squad of naga sharpshooters with translocational
ability to match.
-Moths of suppression, rock worms, lava fish, lemures, jellyfish, grey rats,
spiny worms, giant amoebae, deep dwarf berserkers, agate snails, giant
centipedes, rotting devils, clay golems, and stone golems are no more.
-Ball lightnings are no longer permanently confused, instead seeking out
targets like giant spores.
-Killer Klowns have a different set of possible damage brands: strong
poison, pain, drain speed, fire, cold, electric, and anti-magic.
-Flying enemies are no longer immune to throwing nets.
-Geryon can fly once again.
-Antaeus gains Flash Freeze, an ice conjuration which impedes the target's
movement for three turns.
-Player ghosts can retain and cast dazzling spray, which has a chance to cause
a confusion effect against the player.
-All pandemonium lords now see invisible.
-The Enchantress now appears as a normal unique in the Depths.
-Josephine has a new spell set - Ghostly Fireball, Dispel Undead, Vampiric
Draining, and Animate Dead - and rN+++.
-Lamia has been de-throned.

*Stone Soup 0.13 (20131011) [#d1f88105]
-New/reworked Crypt monsters:
-- Wraiths, shadow wraiths, and eidolons drain speed instead of XP.
-- Eidolons deal more melee damage and can cast bolt of draining.
-- Phantasmal warriors can temporarily reduce their target's magic
resistance and can blink closer to their foes.
-- Flayed ghosts gain a smite-targeted flaying attack, dealing
temporary damage that scales with XP and goes away when the flayed
ghost is killed and/or enough time passes.
-- Ancient champions, formerly a vault-specific monster, are now
full randomly-generated monsters, coming with a band of skeletal
warriors 50% of the time.
-- Vampire mages cast vampiric draining more often, and have slightly
higher HD and HP; they also come with a band of vampires.
-- Rotting hulks are now plague shamblers, capable of inflicting a
"retching" status effect that prevents food consumption; they
generate a cloud of miasma on death.
-- Spectral things move at their full base monster speed.
-- Deep dwarf death knights gain slightly better attack power and
starting equipment, and now come with a band of undead.
-- Flying skulls get a slight HP boost and a larger attack power boost.
-- Ghouls inflict rot half as often.
-- Curse skulls are capable of out-of-LOS movement, similar to wandering
mushrooms, but preferring to place themselves where a player needs to
move the most to actually reach them.
-- New monster: revenants, possessing a ghostly fireball attack and
capable of creating clouds of ghostly flame, which do not harm
undead and occasionally summon spectral things.
-- New monster: lost souls, who sacrifice themselves to heal nearby
undead creatures or assume the shape of a nearby killed living
creature; they can be summoned by deep elf death mages.
-- Necromancers don't come with necrophages, but do some with simulacra.
-- Unborn deep dwarves are now just unborn.
-- New monster: jiangshi, who move in short bursts (like sixfirhies) and
possess a vampiric melee attack.
-New forest-themed monsters:
-- Spriggan assassins and enchanters, who attempt to disable the player
with blowguns and hexes respectively before moving in for the kill.
-Other new monsters:
-- Tengu reavers, skilled with both steel and spells; appearing in the
late dungeon and in Vaults.
-- Deathcaps, summonable by curse toes - tougher wandering mushrooms
with Drain Life.
-New unique: Sojobo, king of the tengu.
-Jory now spawns normally in the late dungeon, instead of being limited to
-Adjustments to some tier 4 demons:
-- Orange demons' sting has a 50% chance of inflicting a Weakness status,
which reduces the player's attack damage.
-- Blue devils have a swooping attack, where they can immediately move
adjacent to the player and attack from up to four tiles away.
-- Red devils can now hop backwards from adjacent foes to make use of their
now-guaranteed polearms' reaching attacks.
-Adjustments to the elementals:
-- Water elementals have an asphyxiation attack which lasts as long as
their target is next to them, and have slightly increased AC and HP.
-- Fire elementals (and fire vortices) deal pure fire damage.
-Updated spell set for several monsters:
-- Draconian shifters:
--- Banishment is dropped.
--- A new monster spell: Dimension Anchor, which temporarily prevents
teleportation, blinking, and Phase Shift.
--- A new monster spell: Blink Allies Encircling, which blinks nearby
allies around the target.
-- Controlled Blink is replaced with Blink Away as an emergency spell.
-- Spriggan air mages:
--- Drop Swiftness.
-- New spell: Control Winds, which manipulates clouds (including
putting out fores fires immediately), and improves allied
ranged weapon accuracy.
-- Spriggan druids:
--- Drop Summon Caniforms.
--- New spells: Haste Plants, which hastes nearby plant-like enemies,
and Druid's Call, which calls wildlife from elsewhere on the level
to aid the druid.
-- The Enchantress:
--- Banishment is banished.
--- Gains Dimension Anchor (see draconian shifter entry above), Strip
Resistance (lowers the magic resistance of the target), and Mass
-- Curse toes:
--- No more Summon Undead.
-- Deep elf summoners:
--- Summon Demon replaced with Summon Vermin, which summons orange
rats, spiders, and some other things.
-- Deep elf priests/high priests:
--- A new spell "Malign Offering", which steals HP from the target
to give to their allies.
-- Deep elf mages:
--- Entirely new spellsets:
--- Freeze, Throw Icicle, Summon Ice Beast;
--- Bolt of Magma, Stone Arrow, Petrify;
--- Iskenderun's Mystic Blast, Slow, Venom Bolt, Blink;
--- Flame Tongue, Throw Flame, Sticky Flame, Fireball;
--- Magic Dart, Force Lance, Iskenderun's Mystic Blast,
Iskenderun's Battlesphere.
-- Deep elf conjurers:
--- Only one spellset (bolt of fire, bolt of cold, lightning bolt,
bolt of draining); the spell set with sticky flame has been
-- Gloorx Vloq:
--- No longer has Invisibility as an emergency spell.
-Speed adjustments to several monsters:
-- Speed 8: spiny worms, snapping turtles, guardian mummies (all previously
speed 9).
-- Speed 10: jellies (previously 9).
-Shadows can now turn invisible, allowing them to move faster and
land a guaranteed stab attack on enemies.
-The retribution effect for killing an apis now inflicts Weakness on
the player, instead of healing nearby hostiles.
-Giant fireflies can now signal nearby awake monsters in a manner similar to
-Vault wardens can seal stairways in addition to doors.
-Zombies no longer appear excessively out of depth in the early dungeon.
-Orb run monster spawns no longer include weak monsters, and now include
Orb Guardians.
-Monster actions are now taken in order of speed, rather than any given
monster taking all of its actions at once.
-Removed monsters:
-- Laboratory rats.
-- War dogs (replaced by wolves with essentially matching stats).
-- Deep dwarf scions, necromancers, and artificers.
-- Deep elf soldiers.
-- A large number of vault-specific monsters.
-Imps and other weak monsters no longer appear in Pan.
-Nergalle appears earlier in the dungeon.
-Lamia no longer comes with a band of minions.
-Creatures other than natural creatures can now be frenzied; this causes
them to attack anything in sight. The berserking effect of frenzy (might
and haste effects) is limited to natural creatures.

*Stone Soup 0.12 (20130501) [#xc053f6c]

-Removed: ant larvae, bumblebees, blessed toes, rock trolls, wood golems.
-New monster: moth of suppression. Generates an aura that prevents evocation
and suppresses the magical effects of wielded/worn equipment.
-New abyssal monsters:
-- Wretched star: bestows temporary mutations.
-- Tentacled starspawn: has constricting tentacles and a nasty attack.
-- Ancient zyme: causes sickness when near the player.
-- Lurking horror: stalks like a wandering mushroom, then explodes for
-- Starcursed mass: proliferates when ignored, re-merges when damaged.
Has a smite-targeted psychic scream that becomes more powerful as
more masses become visible.
-- Apocalypse crab: breathes clouds of chaos.
-- Thrashing horror: moves like a bat, tramples, and frenzies.
-- Spatial maelstrom: incorporeal vortex that turns walls into spatial
-New deep troll specialist monsters, appearing in late-D deep troll packs:
-- Deep troll shamans: cast Might Other and Haste Other on their
accompanying deep troll packs.
-- Deep troll earth mages: cast Dig and LRD to allow the rest of the deep
troll pack to pursue their opponent.
-New vaults monsters:
-- Vault sentinels, with a signal horn that generates a lot of noise and
the Sentinel's Mark spell which alerts all creatures on the level to
the player's location.
-- Vault wardens, with the ability to close and seal doors near the player
for a time or until they are killed.
-- Ironbrand convokers, with the ability to recall other monsters on the
level to their location. Also cast Might Other.
-- Ironheart preservers, with the ability to take some damage in place of
an enemy the player is currently attacking.
-New uniques:
-- Jorgrun, a deep dwarven earth elementalist.
-- Lamia, queen of the nagas.
-Friendly summoned monsters do not attack things unless the player has line
of sight to both the summon and the victim. Glass does not count as line of
sight for this purpose.
-Summoned monsters do not cast spells that create permanent allies.
-Only a select few monsters flee at low HP.
-Ereshkigal has more HP, and can now cast Silence and Major Healing.
-Changed monsters: Frances, Joseph, Polyphemus, bone dragons, soul eaters,
vampires, vampire knights.
-Rotting corpses no longer spawn toadstools for non-Fedhasites.
-Monsters can now use wands of digging, and cast Dig in more circumstances.
-Allies summoned with the Mercenary card can pick up and use equipment.

*Stone Soup 0.11 (20121001) [#of510582]
-Player ghost Sticky Flame autohits but is range 1.
-Berserk monsters are immune to fear.
-Plants don't feel torment. Oklob farms ahoy!
-Monsters attached to the ground are -TELE.
-Jellies, porcupines, flaming corpses won't get constricted.
-Magical staves work for monsters as something more than a mere cudgel.
-Monsters can use rings and amulets.
-Mindless monsters don't have any skills (zombies with pain weapons, etc.).
-New uniques:
-- Arachne, half-human, half-spider.
-- Fannar, an elven ice elementalist.
-Margery gets dragon armour.
-Monsters with arcane spells won't wear heavy armour.
-Donald can spawn in Labyrinths, and complains about them.
-Urug is drastically stronger.
-Mimics can be "inept", (no adjective), "ravenous" or "monstrous", with
a progression of strength and abilities.
-New monster: orb spider. Shoots weak orbs of destruction at you.
-Removed: Jozef, midges, killer bee larvae, hairy devils.
-Porcupines get spines.
-Hell Sentinels replace Pit Fiends.
-Boulder beetles can roll as a boulder.
-Jumping spiders can ensnare you with webs in melee.
-Poison attacks from sea snakes and redbacks can only be partially resisted.
-Hit dice and damage have been increased for all spider enemies.
-Emperor scorpions are much stronger.
-Ghost moths have been nerfed.
-Vampire mosquitoes lose their sickness attack, gain a stronger vampiric
-Swamp worms have better melee accuracy.
-Giant leeches are more dangerous.
-Bog mummies have been replaced with bog bodies: no death curse, stronger
spells, can be decomposed via Fedhas prayer.
-Monsters who submerge stop fleeing.
-Umbras don't give bonuses to demons anymore.
-Monsters (and player ghosts) can cast Ozocubu's Refrigeration.
-Monsters cast emergency spells more often.
-Monster constriction has been overhauled. Escape is easier, blinking counts
as two escape attempts (rather than always succeeding), and damage values are
-A "damageless constriction" effect has been implemented for certain
monsters, particularly mimics.
-The Royal Jelly is able to regenerate.

*Stone Soup 0.10 (20120216) [#qfac297e]
-Ignacio no longer uses Torment, and he'll appear repeatedly until killed.
-New monster: profane servitor - an angel corrupted by Yredelemnul (undead).
-New monster: blizzard demon - a cold/air rank 2 demon.
-New holy monsters: silver star, cherub, phoenix, paladin, seraph.
-Removed: giant toads, vipers, blue deaths.
-Renamed: Fiend -> Brimstone Fiend, Imp -> Crimson Imp.
-Reorganized demon ranks, moving easier 1s to 2s.
-Feature mimics may now masquerade as most features.
-Item mimics can move once revealed.
-Monsters will retreat when hit from behind an obstacle they can't walk
-Unique Pandemonium lords can hunt you on the Orb run if you've stolen
their runes. Violate the 5th Commandment, not the 7th!
-Monsters cast emergency spells more often.
-Breath timeout for dragons, draconians, drakes.
-Most monster summoning spells toned down slightly.
-Monsters flee at lower health thresholds, and less predictably.
-Queen bees can send nearby killer bees berserk.
-Killer bee larvae turn into killer bees if they eat honeycombs or royal
-All abominations are now both demonic and undead.

*Stone Soup 0.9 (20110812) [#bb2fb295]
-Catoblepas: a new hard-hitting yak-genus monster with petrifying breath.
-Replace "gila monster" with "basilisk", complete with petrification.
-Ignacio, a unique executioner of Makhleb, spawns in Pandemonium.
-AI: monsters improve even signature weapons (e.g. Sigmund will use Finisher).
-AI: confused high intelligence monsters don't move if next to a deadly cell.
-Allow polymorphing demons into other similar-tier demons.
-Snapping turtles and Geryon reach diagonally.
-Give Shadow Fiends and Tormentors a pain-branded melee attack.
-Boost ghost moth damage, don't spawn them in Spider's Nests.
-Fix random pan lords not getting Symbol of Torment in their spell sets.
-Vampire bats are undead.
-Monsters with mutagenic chunks leaves corpses less often.
-Reaching over a hostile monster may hit the monster between you and target.
-Kenku monsters come with gear, may spawn in the Abyss.
-Rename "beast" to "hell beast".
-Rename "megabat" to "bat".
-Kobolds can (rarely) get crossbows.
-Pikel: fixed bugs with freed monsters.
-Adjust xp values for some monsters.
-Disable feature mimics.

*Stone Soup 0.8 (20110426) [#s6b14cfa]
-New monster set: feature mimics.
-New monster set: holy monsters.
-New monster set: spriggans.
-New monster set: deep dwarves (in Abyss, Ziggurats).
-Several new monsters, including silent spectre, sky beast, porcupine, fire
crab, bog mummy, and a few new spiders.
-New unique: Jory, mesmerising vampire.
-New monster spells: Cause Fear, Drain Life, Agony, Summon Elemental, Noxious
-Fix a crash when looking up ghosts in the db search.
-Fix silence working on demons, orbs of fire, etc.
-Fix messages about monsters coming into view ignoring mislead.
-Fix monsters being capable of spellcasting while berserk, reading scrolls
while silenced.
-Disallow various attacks on submerged monsters.
-Fix Aizul and Mara casting through allies.
-Fix rock worms aimlessly moving around in walls instead of attacking.
-Get rid of mummy death curses turning potions into decay.
-Don't give experience or items for killing monsters from god wrath or
-Don't make a monster coming into view leave a trail on the edge of LOS.
-Give Asmodeus a permanent ring of flames, replace greater demon with fire
summon, remove bolt of draining.
-Give Dispater Lehudib's Crystal Spear instead of Lightning Bolt.
-Give Geryon a reaching attack, make beasts trample.
-Give Lom Lobon antimagic attacks.
-Give Mnoleg blink and mutate attacks, summon eyeballs instead of greater
demons, more hp.
-Give the non-spellcasting random pan lords (10% chance) a guaranteed melee
brand, and a chance of greater speed.
-Compensate for the Haste nerf by slowing some monsters most players fight
-Huge monsters (dragons, elephants) can trample smaller ones, shoving them
-Krakens have multi-segment tentacles.
-Spiders and a few other monsters can cling to walls which allows them to
effectively bypass water and other obstacles.
-Non-stupid monsters try to avoid slime walls.
-Allies animating dead is okay for hungry level 3 herbivores.
-Make monsters consider resistances along with AC for armour pickup.
-Only allow allies to pick up weapons, armour and ammunition.
-Boost ettins to hit as hard as dual-wielding stone giants. Move them deeper.
-Sheep can catch fire and spread it to other sheep.
-Polymorphed uniques may only cast spells if they can speak.
-Better movement AI for ranged attackers, now try to regain line of fire.
-Make yaks, death yaks, ugly things and slime creatures stick together when
-Try to make wandering band members stick around the leader.
-Make wandering band members path back to the leader.
-Let band leaders displace their followers.
-Allow friendly monsters to path to you across the level.
-Friendlies start following you again after killing target instead of
-Smart monsters use pathfinding to go around shallow water.
-Monsters floundering in shallow water move slowly and fumble attacks.
-Large monsters don't flounder in shallow water.
-Giant monsters can walk through deep water as if it were shallow.
-Make the royal jelly stay on Slime:6.
-Limit number of summons from lamp of fire and fan of air.
-Make skeletal warriors obey silence.
-Greatly improve cacodemons.
-Hungry ghost attack takes 25% of your nutrition.
-Prevent confused giant eyeballs from paralyzing.
-Make aquatic monsters chase instead of submerging if they can.
-Friendly monsters told to 'wait here' don't follow through stairs.
-Merged slimes split on polymorph.
-Porkelated monsters can't cast spells either.
-Implement snail/turtle shells; withdrawing into such a shell adds extra
-Print 'zot!' sound when a friendly monster triggers a zot trap outside LOS.
-Make zombified monsters retain their stats (at least, HD and HP).
-Boring beetles may now burrow along diagonals.
-No elephants in D and Vaults, slightly reduce their frequency in Lair.
-Remove bears, replace with grizzly or black bears where appropriate.
-Boost monster ghouls' health and damage.
-Monsters respect glowing when deciding whether to cast Invisibility.
-Ugly things may mutate if adjacent to a monster glowing with radiation.
-Make good and strict neutral monsters not choose nearby foes.
-Disallow armour mimics from taking the forms of hides.
-Fix monsters not getting the same bonuses from dragon hides as players.
-Naga/serpent glyph changes. (See 'settings/071_monster_glyphs.txt'.)
-Refactor monster vamp draining.
-Tweak Grinder's spells, weapon, and reduce depth (6-10 -> 3-6).
-Don't give Grinder a high-tier wand, nor Ijyb in Sprint.
-Don't hand out pain weapons to Grinder (pain attack flavour) and Pikel (whip
of electrocution).
-Add paralysis and draining to the list of high tier wands.
-Don't consider plants/fungi 'interesting', no matter their rarity.
-Give every monster a globally unique id for proper attribution of clouds,
poisoning etc.

*Stone Soup 0.7 (20100724) [#e8026e85]
-Anacondas are now amphibious.
-Skeletal dragons are renamed to bone dragons.
-Manes are now iron imps, with stat tweaks.
-Imps lose see invisible while shadow imps gain it, and white imps resist
poison but are vulnerable to fire.
-(Very) ugly things are no longer amphibious.
-Glyph change for demonic crawlers.
-Orange demons' poison can now drain any stat.
-Hell hounds, hell hogs and demonic crawlers now leave corpses.
-Hell knights have more HP and do more damage.
-Blink frogs have phase shift.
-New monsters: elephant, dire elephant, hellephant, spriggan, spriggan
druid, spriggan firefly rider.
-New unique: Grinder the shadow imp.
-Wayne is now capable of laying a major smackdown.

*Stone Soup 0.6 (20100326) [#s6a6280d]
-New Shoals monsters: merfolk/mermaid, siren, harpy, kraken, turtle, shark.
-New monster: ballistomycete, spawned by and spawning giant spores.
-A few other new monsters: toadstool, sixfirhy, golden eye, giant leech.
-New plant: bush, can be fired through, two or more block vision.
-(Very) ugly things get resistances and attack flavours depending on colour.
-Slime creatures can merge in corridors to become larger and more powerful.
-All spectral things can use stairs again.
-Display magic (or "hostile enchantments") resistance in monster descriptions.
-Monsters get more sensible experience values matching their difficulty.
-OOD (out-of-depth) monsters no longer appear in bands until many turns
spent on the level.
-OOD monster generation increases sharply with time spent on a level.
-Monster respawns on any level in the main dungeon branches outside
Hell and Zot decline with time spent on the level until eventually
no further monsters will be generated on the level.
-Demons spawned during the orb run will actively seek out the player.
-Hydras pick new target for remaining attacks if their current foe dies.
-Make monsters forget player position if the player teleports away.
-Monsters go to sleep more readily when the player is off-level for
a while.
-Implement and use monster spells "blink away" and "blink closer".
-Detected, unopened secret doors remain unknown to stupid monsters.
-Monsters may quaff potions of might and berserk rage.
-Bears go berserk, but mindless monsters can't.
-Confused monsters zap wands in random directions.
-Giant lizards are now called crocodiles and are amphibious.
-Greatly reduce number of monsters capable of submerging.
-Submerged monsters cannot be targeted or affected by beams anymore.
-Submerged monsters always unsubmerge if they can attack.
-Amphibious creatures don't get an attack bonus in water anymore.
-Monsters' sense invisible is more effective on invisible monsters,
and less effective on invisible players.
-Hungry ghosts eat corpses.
-Bashing plants or fungi will only train Fighting/Unarmed Combat up to level 1.
-Several cool new uniques.
-Unique speech much more varied and interesting.
-Glyph changes for several monsters. See 052_monster_glyphs.txt.

*Stone Soup 0.5.0 (20090612) [#l631fea4]
-Disallow zombified monsters' use of stairs.
-New monsters: trapdoor spider, rock worm, flaming corpse, chaos spawn.
-Monster descriptions list resistances and some other attributes.
-Several cool new uniques.
-Many of the later uniques appear a few dungeon levels earlier.
-Polymorphed uniques retain their spells and speech.
-Reintroduce chance of orc wizards and priests in early orc bands.
-Most monsters of the same genus will attempt to surround the player.
-Implemented monster miscasts caused by Zot traps or mummy curses.
-Make all allies (including zombies) avoid Zot traps known to the player.
-Ghosts don't get holy wrath branded attacks anymore.
-Monsters will shout when woken, unless stabbed.
-Monsters will drink !healing to cure confusion, etc.
-Allies no longer mind being teleported by the player.
-Causing fear will make permanent allies flee but does not anger them.
-Retain the teleportation enchantment on polymorphed monsters.
-Make vampiric draining and torment alert and anger its target.
-Fixed draconians being able to strike 3 times per turn with their weapons.
-Account for randart shields when scanning monsters' inventories for randarts.
-Fixed monsters getting stuck in deep water after entering it while confused.
-Monsters behind glass but with a path to the player interrupt rest/travel.
-Monsters raised from the dead are equipped with their original equipment.
-Zombies/skeletons no longer drown, but will still avoid water.
-Fixed summoned monsters taking non-summoned items with them.
-Summoned monsters are no longer susceptible to Vampiric Draining.
-Make abominations resist poison.
-Butchered corpses sometimes leave skeletons.
-Finally fixed monsters acting before being announced as "coming into view".

*Stone Soup 0.4.0 (20080714) [#ub05216d]
-New glyphs and colours for many monsters.
(See settings/034_monster_glyphs.txt.)
-Beefed up demon lords.
-Draconian ghosts of xl >= 7 get the shadow dragon breath attack.
-Ghosts get Dispel Undead, Freezing Cloud, etc.
-Mummy curses now only decay a random amount of a stack of potions.
-Make Snorg go berserk.
-Angels and Daevas may appear randomly in the Abyss.
-Holy monsters may turn neutral if the player follows a good god.
-Unknown mimics are now consistently treated like items.
-Changed monster resists to have several levels, like the player's.
-Removed electricity resistance from several monsters.
-Daevas now resist negative energy.
-Fixed Oklob plants being confuseable.
-Lee's Rapid Deconstruction now works against skeletal dragons.
-Changed evil/holiness/intelligence/... flags for a number of monsters.
-Improved trap handling for intelligent monsters.
-Improved control over friendly monsters.
-Smarter pickup handling.
-Implemented patrolling and monster pathfinding.
-Fixed friendlies accidentally shooting the player.
-Fixed monsters firing/reaching through walls.
-Fixed summoned monsters sharing a square with the player.
-Monsters won't enter miasma if it harms them.
-Implemented Dispel Undead for monsters.
-Fix nagas/centaurs never being generating with bardings.
-Monsters may use wands of disintegration/polymorph other (mutate the player).
-Make paralysed monsters stabbable.
-Give a message for kills out of LOS.
-No experience for killing summoned monsters.
-Give half xp for enslaved monsters dying.
-Monster blink is now (mostly) restricted to their LOS.
-Introduced fish zombies.
-Fixed several spell/invocation attacks not waking monsters.
-Improved monster shields.
-More refined monster speech. (See docs/monster_speech.txt.)

*Stone Soup 0.3.0 (20071031) [#paec8b40]

-Abominations created by Twisted Resurrection now count as undead.
-Increased spawning rate after picking up the Orb.
-Berserked monsters attack nearby enemies and ignore ally commands.
-Monsters confused by you that kill themselves or others now give xp.
-[1779770] Monsters taking stairs are created according to stair
-Monster descriptions are shorter when looking at them with 'x' and
-Unflasked efreets are permanent
-Mummy priests and greater mummies now have high intelligence.

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